The Room 3 Walkthrough Guide

We are now creating the walkthrough guides for the latest installation of The Room 3. Please note that this is still a work in progress and we will finish as soon as we can!

Chapter 1 The Proposition
Chapter 1 Train (Tutorial)
Chapter 1 New Lens (Tutorial)
Chapter 1 Atrium and Study Room

Chapter 2 The Lighthouse
Chapter 2 Miniature Water Mill and Typewriter
Chapter 2 Standing Stone Circle Model
Chapter 2 Diving Helmet

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 the Pendulum
Chapter 3 Ringing Bells

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 The Workshop
Chapter 4 Second Lightbulb
Chapter 4 Third Lightbulb
Chapter 4 Strange Key

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Tower | The Room 3
Chapter 5 Telescope Room | The Room 3
Chapter 5 Courtyard | The Room 3
Chapter 5 Pyramid | The Room 3

Endings Walkthrough
#1: Imprisonment
#2: Released
#3: Escape
#4: Lost


The Room 3 Walkthrough Guide — 10 Comments

  1. Finished level five, back to che tower, but the elevator is missing so I cannot go back to the room with che pyramids. Is there a bug in the game or did I forgot some passages in the past levels?

  2. I’m at the second “key” to be forged. The game keeps telling me the key is the wrong shape. Last time I didn’t get this far, and the game crashed my phone.
    Please help

  3. Ok I am totally stuck in the maze. I found all 3symbols and got back to the central chamber but now cannot figure out what to do…..

    • did the orb light up ? if not what u have to do is find each symbol individually and trace your way back to the chamber every time . so step 1. find the symbol 2. look at the map and go back to the chamber thay correlates with that symbol then repeat symbol and chamber its kind of time consuming

  4. you must go to the letters before the central chamber. if you’re stuck it’s because you went to the before the 2 letters and one symbol.

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