The Room 3 Walkthrough Guide

We are now creating the walkthrough guides for the latest installation of The Room 3. Please note that this is still a work in progress and we will finish as soon as we can!

Chapter 1 The Proposition
Chapter 1 Train (Tutorial)
Chapter 1 New Lens (Tutorial)
Chapter 1 Atrium and Study Room

Chapter 2 The Lighthouse
Chapter 2 Miniature Water Mill and Typewriter
Chapter 2 Standing Stone Circle Model
Chapter 2 Diving Helmet

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 the Pendulum
Chapter 3 Ringing Bells

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 The Workshop
Chapter 4 Second Lightbulb
Chapter 4 Third Lightbulb
Chapter 4 Strange Key

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Tower | The Room 3
Chapter 5 Telescope Room | The Room 3
Chapter 5 Courtyard | The Room 3
Chapter 5 Pyramid | The Room 3

Endings Walkthrough
#1: Imprisonment
#2: Released
#3: Escape
#4: Lost


The Room 3 Walkthrough Guide — 4 Comments

  1. Finished level five, back to che tower, but the elevator is missing so I cannot go back to the room with che pyramids. Is there a bug in the game or did I forgot some passages in the past levels?

  2. I’m at the second “key” to be forged. The game keeps telling me the key is the wrong shape. Last time I didn’t get this far, and the game crashed my phone.
    Please help

  3. Ok I am totally stuck in the maze. I found all 3symbols and got back to the central chamber but now cannot figure out what to do…..

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