Ending #1: Imprisonment | The Room 3

You have been teleported back to the tower. Find your way back to the atrium. Place the pyramid on the table. All the pyramid will combine into a Craftsman’s Key. Take the Craftsman’s Key. Enter the portal.
Ch5 pyramid atriumCh5 craftsman key

Ch5 portal

Locate a pyramid on the table. Place the Craftsman’s Key on the top. The pyramid will open. Take the metal ring on the edge of the table.
Ch5 pyramidCh5 table edge

Ch5 ring
Locate a circle on a miniature tower. Insert the metal ring. Turn the handle until the circle opens. Put on the eyepiece and enter the miniature tower.
Ch5 miniature towerCh5 insert ring

Ch5 turn ringCh5 eyepiece

Ch5 enter mini tower
Miniature Tower Puzzle Solution:
1. Slide the handle to the lower position. Turn the control wheel so the opening on the tumbler align with the shaft.
Ch5 lower shaft
2. Slide handle to the center position. Turn the control wheel until the opening on the center tumbler align with the center shaft.
Ch5 center shaft
3. Repeat step for the last tumbler. Slide the handle to the top position. Turn the control wheel until the opening on the top tumbler align with the top shaft. Press the square button to lock the tumblers.
Ch5 top shaftCh5 lock shaft

4. A light beam will emit from the miniature tower to the table.

Go back to the table. Locate a mirror on the large arc. Slide the mirror to the left to intercept the light beam. A compartment will open. Get a mirror.
Ch5 mirrorCh5 table bottom

Ch5 get mirror
Place the mirror on the small arc. Slide the mirror on the large arc to the right.
Ch5 small arcCh5 adjust mirror
Check out the craftsman’s key. Put on eyepiece and enter the key. Use the left control button to lock light beam in place. Use the right control button to adjust the light beam direction. Until all four light beams is directed at the red crystal. Enter the portal.
Ch5 craftsman key insideCh5 enter key

Ch5 red crystalCh5 train portal
You will find yourself back in the train… or are you. In fact, you have been imprisoned in a maze/labyrinth.
Ch5 inside trainCh5 imprisoned

Congratulation, you have complete the game with imprisoned ending! Now you can check out three other endings: Escape, Release, Lost.

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