Chapter 5 Courtyard | The Room 3

A giant sundial is located in the courtyard outside of the observatory. Notice the letters on the sundial: W, S, E. Go to the lectern near the sundial. Looking at the surface of the lectern.
Ch5 sundialCh5 Lectern

The surface resembles a map of the observatory. First, check out the hexagon on the left. Rotate the wheel so the letters (W, S, E) match the ones on the sundial. Get a small circle gear.
Ch5 model sundialCh5 direction

Check out the center hexagon. Slide and part the two metal bars. Get a large square gear.
Ch5 slide openCh5 large gear

Check out the right hexagon. Rotate the rings so that the image aligned. Part of the observatory has been light up.
Ch5 model second roomCh5 star moon

Go back inside. Check out the gate with Star and Moon. Flip the switch next to the gate. The gate opened. Enter the second room. Pick up a model sundial from the table.
Ch5 power switchCh5 enter second room

Ch5 tableCh5 sundial model

Go back outside to the lectern in the courtyard. Insert model sundial on the left hexagon. Turn the model sundial to lock it in place.
Ch5 insert sundialCh5 turn sundial

Ch5 raised arrow
Check out the sundial. A handle appears in the east position. Pull the handle. The sundial will flip revealing a panel with gears.
Ch5 sundial eastCh5 east switch

Gear Panel Puzzle Solution:
1. Notice the spinning wheel in the far left. Place the large square gear next to it.
2. Turn the handle in the bottom-center to move the spinning wheel leftward to the end so the wheel will trigger mechanism.
Ch5 insert large gear

3. Get a small triangle gear (triangular center). Retrieve the large square gear.
Ch5 get triangle gear

4. Slide the switch at the bottom-left to right position.
5. Slide the switch at the top-right to the down position.
6. Notice a second spinning wheel in the far right. Place the large square gear and small circle gear next to it. Then place the small triangle gear to complete the chain.

Ch5 insert three gears

6. Turn the handle in the bottom-center to move the second spinning wheel rightward. A compartment will open. Get a large handle.
7. Retrieve all three gears.

Ch5 turn panel handleCh5 get large handle

Go back to the lectern. Notice a star-shaped socket half-way down on the front of the lectern. Insert large handle. Turn the handle. Get a intricate orb.
Ch5 lectern frontCh5 insert star handle

Ch5 turn star handleCh5 get orb

Look at the orb closely. Slide the handle on the top to the side and remove the brass handle. The orb will open. Get the orb with a socket from inside.

Ch5 orb topCh5 get brass handle

Ch5 get intrique orb

Look at the brass handle closely. Locate an arrow. Push the arrow up.
Ch5 brass handle arrowCh5 brass handle opened

Gear Panel Brass Handle Puzzle Solution:
1. Go back to the gear panel. Insert brass handle in the top left circle.
2. The handle controls the wheel next to it. Turn the handle to rotate the wheel 90 degree counterclockwise.

Ch5 insert brass handle

3. Slide the switch at the bottom-left to the center position.

Ch5 slide panel switch

5. Notice the spinning wheel on the top. Turn the handle in the bottom-center to move the wheel to the top.

Ch5 insert gears on wheel

6. A mechanism will trigger and replace the sundial with a planetary model.

Ch5 panel handle top wheel
Rotating Planetary Model Puzzle Solution:
1. First planet from the sun: Slide the switch at either side of the planet. Push the button at the top. The planet will start rotating around the sun.

Ch5 plantery modelCh5 insert intrique orb

Ch5 push orb button

2. Second planet from the sun: The planet is missing top half. Insert the orb with a socket. Tap the button on top. The planet will start rotating around the sun.

Ch5 first planetCh5 slide two switches

Ch5 push first planet button

3. Third planet from the sun: This planet resembles earth. Align three rotating parts with the bottom piece. Then push the button at the top.


Ch5 earth modelCh5 rotate earth

Ch5 push earth button

4. Moon: Rotate the wire around the moon so the circle wire opening align with the circle on the moon. Get the metal casting.

Ch5 moon modelCh5 get metal casting

A compartment half-way down on the side of the lectern will open. Get a lens cover.

Ch5 lens cover
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