The Room Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1

The Room Chapter1 Tutorial1

Chapter 2

Section 1

The Room Chapter2

Section 2

The Room Chapter2 Cast-Iron Key1

Section 3

The Room Chapter2 Drawer1

Chapter 3

Section 1

The Room Chapter3 Ordinary Key1

Section 2

The Room Chapter3 Timer1

Chapter 4

The Room Chapter4 Tiles1


Section 1

The Room Epilogue Handprint1

Section 2

The Room Epilogue Strangely Shaped Key1

Section 3

The Room Epilogue Letter1

Section 4

The Room Epilogue Maze3


The Room Walkthrough Guide — 7 Comments

  1. I am having a real problem getting the key to open the second lock – whichever position I twist the end of the key to, it still won’t open the lock….what am I doing wrong? Is there a bug in the game?

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