Chapter 4 Second Lightbulb | The Room 3

Entering the woodworking room. Locate a small hatch door. Undo the sliding lock.
Ch4 hatch doorCh4 hatch door lock

Ch4 hatch door open
Go back to the main room. Use the controller pad and move the sandbag to the woodworking room: Rise, Up, Right, Up.
Ch4 move sandbag
Go into the woodworking room. Find the sandbag. Lift the handle on the cutting machine below the sandbag. Grab a gold metal bar.
Ch4 wood cutterCh4 get metal bar

The following steps will show you how to forge a key to the bottom drawer of iron box.

Locate forge in the main room. Grab the handle and open a compartment. Insert the kindling. Close the compartment. Place flint at the empty slot on top of the wheel. Spin the wheel COUNTERCLOCK-WISE to kindle the forge.
Ch4 forgeCh4 forge compartment

Ch4 insert kindlingCh4 close compartment

Ch4 insert flintCh4 rotate forge wheel

Pull the handle at the front top of the forge. Place gold metal bar in the plate.
Ch4 forge plateCh4 insert metal bar

Ch4 close forge plate
Check out the mold. Rotate the three part wheels so the mold resembles the symbol on the iron box bottom tier.
Ch4 bottom symbolCh4 forge mold

Go to the bellow and start pumping until the temperature raises and melt the metal bar. Get the finished key from the water bucket.
Ch4 bellowCh4 get first key

Return to the iron box. Insert and turn key. A slider appears. Slide the disc to the right. Go to the right side of the iron box. Grab a hollowed-out metal block. Slide the disc to the left. Go to the left side of the iron box. Grab a small connector.
Ch4 insert first keyCh4 turn first key

Ch4 disc to rightCh4 get metal block

Ch4 disk to leftCh4 get small connector

Check out the large dial on the right side of the iron box. Insert the small connector at top right. Move the connector downward until the disk eject. Grab the mechanical disk. A puzzle will appear.
Ch4 large dialCh4 insert small connector

Ch4 slide connectorCh4 get mechanical disk

Puzzle Solution: The goal is to move the crescent shape piece to the left and cross shaped piece to the right. Step-by-step picture guide is shown below. Get a metal casting.
Ch4 tile puzzleCh4 tile puzzle step1

Ch4 tile puzzle step2Ch4 tile puzzle step3

Ch4 tile puzzle step4Ch4 tile puzzle step5

Ch4 tile puzzle step6Ch4 tile puzzle step7

Ch4 tile puzzle step8Ch4 tile puzzle step9

Ch4 tile puzzle step10Ch4 tile puzzle step11

Ch4 tile puzzle step12Ch4 second casting

Return to the lightbulb panel towards the front of the table. Insert metal casting. Slide the handle to the second lightbulb which will illuminate.
Ch4 insert second castingCh4 move casting

Ch4 second lightbulb

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