Ending#2: Released Ending | The Room 3

Do not go into the portal. Go to the office.
Release Office
Clock Puzzle Solution:
1. Locate a clock in the office. Exam the clock with eyepiece. Notice a line is drawn on the quarter of the clock. This is hinting that the switch cover underneath the clock face will open every quarter of the hour. Notice the time is real time. When the switch is revealed, turn the switch. The clock body will open.
Release clockRelease quarter

Release clock switch
2. Put on your eyepiece and observe the pendulum. Get numbers: 4 – 1 – 2.
Release 4Release 1

Release 2
3. Adjust the three handles so the line on the handle align with the corresponding numbers. The clock body will close, and clock face will open. Grab the blue crystal.
Release clock pendulumRelease blue crystal

Exit office and head over to the library. Go to second floor. Locate a magazine display with Great Khan. Take the left bottom corner and slide up. Get a metal object.
Release libraryRelease upstairs

Release magazineRelease open cover

Release push upRelease metal obejct

Go to the elevator in the library and go up to the tower. Follow the hand rail until you locate a round ball. Roll the ball continuously up and down. The pendulum will start to sway. The goal is to use the pendulum to knock over the safe on the other side of the handrail.
Release elevatorRelease ball

Release pendulum
Knock down the safe. Return to the atrium. Get a second crystal from the safe.
Release safeRelease second crystal

Go to the glass room. Locate a table with devices. Place metal object in front of the wooden box. Insert two crystals in the wheel. Turn the switch a few times. The wooden box will transform. Look at the box with eyepiece. Press the right button until the metal object turns into a sphere. Press the middle button to retrieve the object.
Release glass roomRelease device

Release insert crystalRelease insert object

Release eyepieceRelease square

Release sphereRelease get sphere

Go over to the screen on the right side of the table. Notice a arrow on the edge of the maze view.
1. Go straight until you hit the wall. Turn left.
2. Go straight again until you hit the wall. Turn left.
3. Go straight again until you hit the wall. Turn right.
4. Go straight until you see a podium on your left side. Turn left and go up to the podium.
5. Get a mysterious artifact.
Release maze controlRelease pedestal

Release artifact
Go back to the atrium and enter the portal. Repeat steps in the Imprisoned ending. Until the portal for the train appears. Two pedestals also appear. Place the artifact on the right pedestal.
Release right pedestalRelease insert artifact

Check out the artifact. Turn the round handle. Put on eyepiece and enter the artifact. There is a blue crystal. Use the two switches until the crystal is illuminated. A square button will replace the artifact. Press the button to get a blue beam. The portal becomes a wooden door.
Release lensRelease turn lens

Release enter artifactRelease blue beam

Release illuminate
Enter the wooden door. You will be able to get on a boat and leave the island while watching the buildings being destroyed by the mysterious null.
Release exit


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  1. I’m @ the release ending. No metal object @ magazine on the second floor. I think I obtained during game once before ! Or is there something I’m missing? Is there a solution to this?

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