Chapter 2 Standing Stone Circle Model | The Room 3

Locate six squares surround a blue circle on the table. Insert wooden arch into the circular panel with two sockets. Turn the arch. Six stone pillars will appear. Put on your eyepiece and enter the archway.
Ch2 Standing CircleCh2 insert archway

Ch2 rotate archwayCh2 archway eyepiece

Ch2 enter archway
Notice three pillars have pressure sensitive panel with two circles on top. A symbol will appear when you press and hold the two circles at the same time. Do this for all three pillars.
Ch2 pillar1Ch2 pillar2

Ch2 pillar3

Check out the circle at the center of the stone circle floor. The lines illuminate upon touch. Recall the three symbols on the pillars. Trace each symbol into the shape. A tower model will appear.
Ch2 trace
Open the drawer. Get a clock-face. Notice a set of two symbols is carved next to the drawer. Similar set of symbols can be found on one of the columns.
Ch2 drawerCh2 open drawer

Ch2 clockfaceCh2 symbol set1

Ch2 symbol set2
Locate an astrology map with symbols on the top and on the left. Two metal bars are attached to a circle with grid mark. Use the two sets of symbols as lookup. Slide the metal bars to the correct symbols. Then look into the circle. Obtain two sets of star locations.
Ch2 astrology map1Ch2 star location1

Ch2 astrology map2Ch2 star location2

Go over to a blue-green circle. Place two magnet on the circle. Look at the circle with eyepiece. A similar grid mark as the astrology map will appear. Slide the magnet to match the star locations. The latch will undo and panel will open. Grab the cylinder wooden model piece.
Ch2 insert magnetsCh2 adjust magnet1

Ch2 adjust magnet position2Ch2 open blue green door

Ch2 cylinder piece
Locate a circle with four pointers. Put on your eyepiece and check out the pointers. Each pointer has two partial letters. Press the center dial to rotate the circle and slide the pointer towards the center to create a compass. Open the panel and grab a square wooden model piece.
Ch2 compassCh2 NESW

Ch2 square piece
Exit the standing stone model. Locate the clock tower on the church model. Insert the clock face and open the clock. Put on your eyepiece and enter the clock tower.
Ch2 churchCh2 insert clockface

Ch2 open clockfaceCh2 enter clock model

You will see a miniature owl model. Pull up and rotate the head to open the wing. Slide the switch to open the other wing. Look under the wing and get a model boat. Exit the clock tower.
Ch2 owl noseCh2 turn owl head

Ch2 owl switchCh2 get model boat

Locate an empty square slot on the table. Insert the square wooden model piece. A boat house will appear. Place the boat on the cradle and move the boat towards the boat house. A window will open. Put on your eyepiece and enter the boat house.
Ch2 insert square pieceCh2 insert model boat

Ch2 move boatCh2 enter boathouse

Inside the boat house, you will see a miniature mouse model. Slide the switch on the tail. Then rotate the wheel inside the head. Push both of mouse’s eyes and slide the body. Get a small key. Exit boat house.
Ch2 rat tailCh2 rat head

Ch2 rat eye1Ch2 rat eye2

Ch2 get key
Locate a cylinder tower on the table. Place the cylinder wooden model piece on top. The table will ascend to a second level.
Ch2 insert cylinderCh2 level 2 lighthouse


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  1. I have the bottom latch on the magnetic star map undone, but the upper latch won’t unlock. I have all the makers placed like your picture. Please help !

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