Chapter 3 Ringing Bells | The Room 3

Go up the staircase. Locate a pulley and insert the wheel with handle.
Ch3 pulleyCh3 insert wheel with handle

Ch3 turn wheel with handle
Examine the painting with your eyepiece. Start the puzzle with the sparkling sliding token on one of the towers. Change the view and move the token when the segment connects with the next segment to form a path. Continue until you reach the the bottom of the painting and retrieve a clock face.
Ch3 paintingCh3 eyepiece painting

Ch3 painting puzzle1Ch3 painting puzzle2

Ch3 painting puzzle3Ch3 painting puzzle4

Ch3 painting puzzle5Ch3 painting puzzle6

Ch3 painting puzzle8Ch3 painting puzzle7

Ch3 painting puzzle9Ch3 clock face

Go back to the gold box. Insert the clock face. A chess puzzle will appear. Move the knight piece (yellow) on top of the four chess pieces (blue) on the left. Like in real chess, knight piece can only move diagonally.
Ch3 insert clock faceCh3 chess puzzle

Ch3 tower chess
A miniature tower will appear. Put on your eyepiece and enter the tower. Check out the puzzle on top of the blue box. To open the middle round compartment, you have to slide three handles to the middle.
Puzzle Solution:
Left: Rotate the dial on the left and slide the handle in place.
Top: The top consists of three wheels. Rotate the wheels so the indentations on each wheel line up. Move the handle to the middle.
Right: Rotate the outer ring so the tracks line up. Slide the handle. Rotate the inner ring for 180 degree. Rotate the outer ring again. Slide down the notch to hold the outer ring in place. Move the handle to the middle.

Ch3 three partsCh3 turn move handle

Ch3 three wheelsCh3 inner circle

Ch3 notchCh3 outer ring

The round compartment contain a square slot. Insert the crank handle. The top of the box will unlock. Check out the puzzle underneath. Rotate the three disks so that the design match the one on the bottom. Turn the switch in the middle. Get a handle with a socket.
Ch3 insert crank handleCh3 turn crank handle

Ch3 open box topCh3 turn three circle

Ch3 socket handle
Locate the door to downstairs. Insert handle with a socket on the gear. Turn the handle to unlock the door. Go downstairs.
Ch3 downstair doorCh3 turn socket handle

Ch3 go downstairs
Check out the music box. Undo the switch on the box. Grab the winding key. Go to the left side of the box and put on your eyepiece. Slide the puzzle pieces to complete a circle and the keyhole will reveal. Insert and turn winding key.
Ch3 locate music boxCh3 open music box

Ch3 get winding keyCh3 eyepiece music box

Ch3 keyhole music boxCh3 insert winding key

Ch3 turn winding key
You have to move the ballerina figurine to the center of the box. The path is consist of loops. Use the button at the edge of the box to control connectors between loops.
Ch3 ballerina 1
Go back to the gold box. Pick up a second ballerina figurine behind the chess puzzle. Return to the music box. Insert the second figurine. Again, use the button at the edge of the box to control the loop connectors. Once the second figurine reach the center of the box, collect the red gem.
Ch3 ballerina 2Ch3 insert ballerina 2

Ch3 get red gem
Check out the a board with blue gemstone on the alcove. Notice two sets of gemstone hint at the bottom of the wall. Insert the red gemstone. Tap on the gemstone to change color. Modify the pattern to assemble the hint beneath the board. Press the button at the top of the board once complete. Repeat for the second set.
Ch3 wall alcoveCh3 hints

Ch3 insert red gemCh3 gem design

Ch3 second gem design
A group of metal pieces on sticks will appear. Use the four buttons at the edge of the wall to move the metal pieces until the shadow resembles a crow. Grab the key with a bird emblem.
Ch3 control buttonsCh3 birds

Ch3 key with bird emblem
Go back to the main room. Locate a control box. Insert the key and flip the switch. The bells will start ringing. A second painting will reveal in the downstairs room.
Ch3 control boxCh3 turn bird key

Ch3 switch bell
Check out the painting in the downstairs with your eyepiece. Like the first painting puzzle, move the sparkling sliding token. Adjust your eyepiece angle view to reveal the path until you reach the bottom of the painting. Get a hands of a clock.
Ch3 second paintingCh3 second painting eyepiece

Ch3 second painting1

Ch3 second painting2Ch3 second painting3Ch3 second painting4Ch3 second painting5Ch3 second painting6Ch3 second painting7Ch3 second painting8Ch3 second painting9Ch3 second painting10Ch3 second painting11Ch3 second painting12Ch3 second painting13Ch3 second painting14Ch3 second painting15Ch3 second painting16Ch3 second painting17Ch3 second painting18Ch3 second painting19Ch3 second painting20Ch3 second painting21Ch3 second painting22Ch3 clock hands

Go back to the gold box. Insert hands of a clock. A keyhole will appear. Insert the winding key. Get the pyramid and complete the chapter.
Ch3 insert clock handsCh3 insert winding key gold box

Ch3 turn key gold boxCh3 get pyramid


Chapter 3 Ringing Bells | The Room 3 — 8 Comments

  1. Has anyone else gotten stuck on the music box? I can’t get the second ballerina to move in the right direction no matter what I do w/the button. It won’t go on the path to the big center circle. Help please!

  2. Yes I was stuck on the music box second ballerina for a few days. I was convinced my button was broken. After watching the pattern of the guides I discovered that if I focused my timing when the ballerina was at the far right I was able to guide her on to the large circle and two moves later she was in the center. Love the challenges of this puzzle!

  3. I can’t seem to get the buttons at the edge of wall to work. I need to get them to move to make a picture of a crow. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

  4. The second ballerina is glitch. I can’t get the button to highlight the lines right. It works sometimes then won’t work, then highlights when im not pressing the button,then nothing again.

    • I found that all the button does is turn the gold “roadblocks” OFF. There is no “ON”. You have to wait about 5 seconds for them to turn back on again. So just plan the ballerina’s route based on removing the roadblocks rather the adding them.

  5. For those struggling to open / unlock the gate on the second painting: After getting the crow out of the cage, you have to go back UPSTAIRS to where the first painting is. An animation will play out where the crow lands on a bell, and that is what finally opens / unlocks the gate to the second painting.

  6. I am having a issue that I did the control box with the key and nothing has happened the gate didn’t open for the painting at the bottom of the stairs.

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