Chapter 4 The Workshop | The Room 3

You found yourself inside the library. Exit the library and return to the atrium. Place the pyramid on the table. Get an optical device.
Ch4 atriumCh4 insert pyramid

Ch4 optical device

Locate a round board on the wall. Insert the optical device. Two outer rings of the round board can be rotated. Adjust the rings so that the mirrors will reflect the light on the optical device and illuminate the center of the board. A doorway will reveal. Enter the archway.
Ch4 round plateCh4 insert optical device

Ch4 light beamCh4 archway

The setup in the room is similar to the previous two chapters. Find the power generator in the glass room in the back. Move the metal sliders so the power runs through the connectors continuously. Turn on the power switch. Go to the device on the tripod. Turn the four switches on the side and press the button in the middle. Locate the oscilloscope. Slide the bottom slider to match the movement of the top slider. The green line will slowly merge with the black line. Device on the tripod will activate and bring you to the workshop.
Ch4 glass roomCh4 power generator

Ch4 generator solutionCh4 power switch

Ch4 tripodCh4 device on tripod

Ch4 oscilloscopeCh4 workshop
Go over to the plinth next to the large column. Grab the key.
Ch4 plithCh4 key

Use the key to unlock the padlock on the trapdoor in the corner of the room. Pull the metal rod. Notice the water running below. Pull the handle. The wooden gate will open and flow to the water wheel.
Ch4 trapdoorCh4 padlock

Ch4 open padlockCh4 insert padlock key

Ch4 turn keyCh4 metal bar

Ch4 gate switch

Go to the wooden table in the center of the room. Grab the leather case on the table. Undo the latch and open the case. Get a kindling. Exam the iron box on the table. Press the button on the bottom left. Grab a flint.
Ch4 leather caseCh4 open leather case

Ch4 kindlingCh4 iron box

Ch4 tiny compartmentCh4 flint

Go to the left side of the box. Undo two latches at the bottom. A puzzle will appear. You need to move the red tiles to the right and blue tiles to the left. Follow the step below to solve the puzzle. Obtain a metal casting.
Ch4 side bottomCh4 left switch

Ch4 right switchCh4 red blue gem

Ch4 gem solution1Ch4 gem solution2

Ch4 gem solution3Ch4 gem solution4

Ch4 gem solution5Ch4 gem solution6

Ch4 gem solution7Ch4 gem solution8

Ch4 metal casting
Locate the panel toward the front edge of the table. Insert metal casting and slide the handle to the first light bulb which will illuminate.
Ch4 insert castingCh4 move handle

In order to open the door to Woodworking Room, you need to undo two latches on the door using the two controllers on plinth to the move the sandbag over the pressure sensitive tiles on the floor.

Sandbag Puzzle Solution:
1. Return to the plinth. Insert metal rod in the empty slot.
Ch4 insert metal bar
2. Use the control panel to lower the sandbag on the first tile (Left and Drop). This will undo the top latch.
Ch4 sandbag plate1
3. Go over to the door and secure the top latch by flipping over the metal ring to the left.
Ch4 door lockCh4 secure lock

4. Go back to the control panel. Move the sandbag to the second plate (Rise, Down, Drop). This will undo the bottom latch. Door is now unlocked.
Ch4 sandbag plate2

Entering woodworking room.


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