Chapter 3 Pendulum | The Room 3

You have been teleported back to the atrium. Place pyramid on the table. A box appeared.
Ch3 atriumCh3 pyramid

Adjust the view until the puzzle pieces assemble a doorway. (Hint: partial doorway is already on the wall) The doorway will appear. Enter the doorway to a library.
Ch3 cylinder boxCh3 arch puzzle

Ch3 wall archCh3 arch puzzle solution

Ch3 library entrance
Locate a power generator similar to the one in the study room. Arrange the connectors so there is an unbroken route. The hint is given at the bottom left corner of the panel: – -> + -> -. Slide the bars at the top and bottom of the connectors. Puzzle solution is shown in the image below.
Ch3 generatorCh3 generator solution

Go through the door to upstairs. Locate and turn on the power switch by the window. Go back downstairs. The device on tripod is powered up. Flip four switches then press the diamond shaped button in the center of the device.
Ch3 upstairsCh3 power switch

Ch3 tripod device
Locate an oscilloscope on the desk. The two buttons control the oscillation. Press the left button to turn on the device. Then press the right button until the green frequency to match the black frequency. The device of the tripod will start operate and reveal the entrance to the clock tower. At the clock tower, pick up a wheel with a handle.

Ch3 oscilloscopeCh3 metal gear

Exam the golden box. Open the glass panel by sliding the switches on top at the same time. Get a small metal pillar from inside.
Ch3 glass panelCh3 open glass door

Ch3 pillar

Locate an empty socket. Insert pillar. Slide the pillar and open the box. Slide the tile on the bottom left corner. A miniature tower will appear. Put on eyepiece and enter the tower.
Ch3 insert pillarCh3 slide pillar

Ch3 open top boxCh3 slide panel

Ch3 eyepieceCh3 enter tower

Check out the box in the tower. On the left side, take the handle and turn the wheel to align the sockets in the inner circle and bars on the outer circle. Remove the metal ring.
Ch3 metal ring

On the right side of the box. Open the panel and grab a handle.
Ch3 round panelCh3 handle

Place the metal ring in the front of the box. Rotate the wheel until you see a empty socket. Insert and turn the handle until the handle came out.
Ch3 insert metal ringCh3 turn metal ring

Ch3 insert handleCh3 turn handle

Check out the top of the box. Adjust the metal plate so that the design on metal plate match the design at the bottom. Slide the handle to the right. Flip the switch on the right.
Ch3 strange designCh3 strange design switch

You will be taken back to the top of the gold box. Four tokens will eject. Use the sliders at the bottom right and bottom left to control the direction of the token. Move each magnetic token into a socket. A mini tower will appear. Enter the tower.
Ch3 tokensCh3 slots

Ch3 second towerCh3 enter second tower

This mini tower has similar setup as the previous mini tower. Go to the front of the box. Insert the metal handle in the empty slot. You have to move the gear on the right to the circle on the left.

Puzzle solution: Rotate the center wheel so the tracks are horizontal. Turn the handle to move the gear on to the center wheel. Turn the wheel vertically. Turn the handle to move the gear upward. Slide the top panel to the left. Then turn the handle to move the gear to the circle on the left. Press the button on the circle.

Ch3 handle and turnCh3 move gear

Ch3 rotate centerCh3 move gear up

Ch3 slide barCh3 move gear down

Ch3 push button

Check out the puzzle at the top of the box. Adjust the metal plate so that the design on metal plate match the design at the bottom. Slide the handle to the right. Flip the switch on the right. A gear will eject at the left of the box. Grab the gear.
Ch3 solution strange designCh3 turn switch

Locate a gear on the wall. Insert the gear you just retrieved. A staircase will appear.

Ch3 insert moving gearCh3 staircase


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