Chapter 5 Telescope Room | The Room 3

You are now inside the observatory. Check out the device suspended on the wall beside the star chart.
Ch5 red gem puzzle
Red Gem Puzzle Solution:
1. The circular device has few pieces: a base layer, a needle, a small circle, and a large circle. Look closely, you will see four red gems on the base layer.
2. Rotate the pieces so all the gems illuminate. Solution is shown in the picture below.
3. Get an etched glass disc.
Ch5 red gem solutionCh5 get glass disc

Locate a round capsule on a table.
Ch5 capsule
Round Capsule Puzzle Solution:
1. Turn the switch on top. The capsule will open.
2. Insert etched glass disc. Then press the button on the rim of capsule to turn on the light.
3. There are two handles on the edge of the capsule. Turn the two handles to rotate the discs until an image of dragon with the words appear: DRACO THE DRAGON.
4. A compartment will open. Get the crystal star.
Ch5 capsule switchCh5 insert disc

Ch5 light switchCh5 disc handle

Ch5 dragonCh5 star

Go back to the star chart. Insert crystal star. You will see the dragon constellation. Tap on the stars will turn it red. Recall the image of Draco the Dragon in the capsule. Tap on the stars so the constellation match the one on the capsule. A wheel with astrology symbols will reveal. Grab the odd scrap of parchment and a telescope lens.
Ch5 star mapCh5 insert star

Ch5 red star locationCh5 red stars

Ch5 lens and paper
Go back to the table. Check out the plinth on the table covering with symbols. Insert the parchment between the handles. Move the handle to the position where the lines connecting the symbols correctly: diamond to diamond, Square to square, circle to circle. Make a note of the two set of symbols: Star (moon) and Moon (two curves).
Ch5 insert paperCh5 symbols

Locate large crank handle at far end of the room. Turn the handle to lower the telescope.
Ch5 giant handleCh5 telescope
Repairing telescope lens:
1. On the telescope there are a star wheel (Top) and a moon wheel (left). Check out the star wheel. Turn the wheel so the moon symbol is below the tab.
2. Check out the moon wheel. Turn the wheel so the two curves symbol is below the tab.
3. Take off the broken lens. Insert telescope lens.
4. Slide the handles on two side of the lens until you see an image of unicorn seal with dragon tail.
5. A compartment will open. Grab the metal plate.
Ch5 star wheelCh5 moon wheel

Ch5 broken lensCh5 insert new lens

Ch5 adjusting lensCh5 constellation

Ch5 metal plate
Go back to the plinth on the table. Insert metal plate on top of the parchment. Look at the plate with your eyepiece. The planets are spinning. Catch the two symbols as the markings aligned: Star and a line through double circles. Slide the metal plate down. Get a second set of symbols: Moon and Triangle with a Wave.
Ch5 insert metal plateCh5 use eyepiece

Ch5 rotating planetsCh5 symbols on planets

Ch5 symbols on planets moon
Go back to the telescope. Go to the star wheel and turn the wheel to a line through double circles. Then go to the moon wheel and change the symbol to the Triangle with a Wave. Look through the lens. Adjust the focus so the stars line up. Get the large iron handle.
Ch5 star wheel 2Ch5 moon wheel 2

Ch5 constellation 2Ch5 iron handle

Go through the door way. Go to the door to the outside (the one with upside down triangle). Insert the large iron handle. The gate will open.
Ch5 doorwayCh5 gate V

Ch5 insert iron handleCh5 turn iron handle

Ch5 door to outside

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