Chapter 5 Tower | The Room 3

You have been teleported back to the glass room. Find your way back to the atrium. Place the pyramid on the table. A leatherbound book will appear. Take the book.
Ch5 insert pyramidCh5 get book

Go to the library. Locate an alcove. Place the book on the lectern in the alcove. An elevator will appear.
Ch5 libraryCh5 insert book

Go in the elevator. Flip the switch to UP. Exit the elevator to the tower. The tower has similar setup like other rooms. Find the power generator and adjust the connectors so the generator can start working. Turn the power switch to power up the observatory. Follow the electrical wire to the device on a tripod. Flip four switches and press the diamond button in the middle. The oscilloscope is broken. Pick up a screwdriver next to the oscilloscope.
Ch5 elevator upCh5 hallway

Ch5 power generatorCh5 generator solution

Ch5 power switchCh5 tripod

Ch5 tripod switchesCh5 screwdriver

Use the elevator to go downstairs. Exit the library. Go into the study room. Locate oscilloscope. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screw. Open the panel and grab an electrical component.
Ch5 study roomCh5 study room desk

Ch5 use screwdriverCh5 turn screwdriver

Ch5 open oscilloscopeCh5 get machine parts

Exit study room. Go back to the library. Use the elevator to go back to the tower. Open the panel on oscilloscope. Insert electrical component. Adjust the frequency so the green waves align with the black waves. The device on tripod will start working. You will be taken to the observatory.
Ch5 oscilloscopeCh5 insert parts

Ch5 close coverCh5 frequency


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  1. When I put the pyramid on the table, I got a wooden box on a tall stand, not the book. (the book was way back in the puzzle) The top of the box turns and there are different shapes on the top. I am having a hard time finding any reference to this box anywhere. After 2 days of searching and trying to figure out this box, I decided to move on and see what happens. I replaced the electrical component, lined up the waves, got sent to the observatory. But instead of moving forward, everything was back the way it was at the beginning of the game. It was asking me to investigate the closed gold box, the round staircase wasn’t open yet,etc. I have gone backwards. Now what do I do? I have come a long way since the gold box. And where does the wooden box fit in? Any advice would be great. Thank you. I am very confused. This hasn’t happened in the other games.

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