Chapter 4 Third Lightbulb| The Room 3

Making the key for the middle tier of the iron box. Check out the symbol on the second tier. Go to the furnace. Insert the hollowed out metal block under the template. Rotate the three part wheels so the design resembles the image on the iron box middle tier keyhole. Place the first key in the plate. Go to the bellow and start pumping until the temperature raises and melt the metal bar. Get the finished key from the water bucket.
Ch4 second key symbolCh4 mold piece

Ch4 furnace melt first keyCh4 bellow second key

Ch4 second key in bucket
Go to the left machine in the second room. Take a closer look at the mechanical disk. Spin the disk until the gear appear. Place the gear a the end of the tracks.
Ch4 check diskCh4 turn disk

Ch4 disk gearCh4 insert disk

Pick up the belt between the tracks. Use the belt to connect the pulley system and the wood carving milling machine. Get the chess piece. Also grab a second chess piece from the table.
Ch4 beltCh4 insert belt

Ch4 chess pieces
Return to the iron box. Locate a square with a circle inside. Insert two chess pieces. A image of hexagon and circles will appear. Look at the image through the eyepiece. A miniature workshop puzzle will appear.
Ch4 chess piece keyCh4 insert chess pieces

Ch4 hexagon puzzle
Miniature workshop puzzle solution:
1. Rotate the water wheel until you see the missing water wheel part. Align the missing part with the window. The missing part will come out of the house and complete the wheel.
Ch4 mini workshopCh4 water wheel

2. Bring the wheel to the front. Slide the switch on the side. The roof will open and emerge a pyramid. A light beam and three mirrors will also appear on the corner of the box.
Ch4 water wheel switch
Mirror Puzzle Solution:
Adjust the mirrors so the light beam go through all mirrors. Then adjust the mirrors again so the shadow casts by the light beam reflect the design as shown in the last mirror.
Ch4 mirror puzzleCh4 shadows

Upon puzzle completion, the keyhole to middle part of the box will reveal. Insert the key. The top of the box will move up and reveal a secret puzzle.
Ch4 insert second keyCh4 turn second key

Ch4 gem puzzle
Gemstone Puzzle Solution: Put on your eyepiece and look at the puzzle. You will see a cube with two dials in the front. You need to rotate the cube and place the gem in empty slots. Get the red gem.
Ch4 gem puzzle controlsCh4 purple gem

Ch4 green gemCh4 yellow gem

Ch4 get red gem
Go to the furnace and construct the last key. Rotate the template so the design reflects the symbols on the iron box. Place the key in the plate. Go over to the bellow and start pumping. Grab the key from the water bucket.
Ch4 third key symbolCh4 third key furnace

Ch4 melt second keyCh4 bellow third key

Ch4 third key in bucket
Return to the iron box. Insert red gem in the empty slot. Place the key in the keyhole. A puzzle will appear.
Ch4 insert red gemCh4 insert third key

Ch4 turn third key
Rotating Wheel Puzzle Solution:
1. The puzzle consists of four rotate wheels each is marked with a red dots. You need to align the red dots and move them to the bottom segment.
2. Use the left button to select segment and right button to rotate the wheel.
3. Upon puzzle completion, grab the metal casting.
Ch4 rotating wheel puzzleCh4 rotating wheel solution

Ch4 third metal casting
Go to the front of the table. Insert metal casting. Move the handle to the last lightbulb. A third room will unlock.
Ch4 insert third metal castingCh4 move third casting

Ch4 new room

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