The Room Two Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to the best walkthrough for The Room 2. We have the most detailed and organized free guide and puzzle solutions for you to pass the levels easily. Use the index below to navigate through the chapters and section parts.

Chapter 1

The Crypt (Tutorial) Complete Walkthrough

Chapter 2

Part 1: Model Ship First Visit
Part 2: The Treasure Box and Model Ship Second Visit
Part 3: The Weighing Station
Part 4: Clock Mechanism

Chapter 3

Part 1: Cross Bow Setup
Part 2: Broken Mirror
Part 3: Temple
Part 4: Black Box

Chapter 4

Part 1: Camera
Part 2: Typewriter and Tarot Cards
Part 3: Cabinet

Chapter 5

The Crossing

Chapter 6

Part 1: Drawer Puzzle
Part 2: Drum of Images
Part 3: Box on the Round Table


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