Chapter 1 Train (Tutorial) | The Room 3

Welcome to The Room 3 walkthrough guide. The game continues journey of the mysterious Null. The game begins on a train ride. The tutorial will introduce basic game tools. Follow the on screen instruction. Please feel free to leave comments if you are stuck anywhere in the game.

1. Journal: Look through journal. A box will appear. Grab the key on the box.
Ch1 JournalCh1 Key

2. Suitcase: Go over to the suitcase. First undo the two latches at the bottom of the suitcase. Then open the suitcase lid. Undo the latch under the lid. Get eyepiece from the suitcase.
Ch1 SuitcaseCh1 Modification

Ch1 eyepiece
3. Box: Put on the eyepiece and check out the puzzle within the box. Once you place all the piece together. A keyhole will appear. Pull the key to the box and turn the key to open the box. Obtain an engraved pyramid and be teleported to the next part.

Ch1 box puzzleCh1 unlock box

Ch1 turn keyCh1 pyramid

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