Chapter 2 Diving Helmet | The Room 3

Go over to the diving helmet next to the window. Open the drawer on the right side. Get a antler.
Ch2 second floorCh2 drawer on helmet

Ch2 get antler
Notice a wingnut looks different than others. Turn the nut to open a secret compartment. Get a brass rivet inside. Notice a strange set of three symbols on the cover above.
Ch2 wing nutCh2 turn wing nut

Ch2 get bolt
Go over to the left side of the helmet. Insert rivet in the missing spot. Slide the rivet and open the the panel. Get a model acorn. Turn the switch underneath. A compartment will open. Grab the wooden model piece.
Ch2 insert boltCh2 slide bolt

Ch2 get acornCh2 switch in helmet

Ch2 get final model
Locate a empty slot on the table. Insert wooden model piece. Rotate the dial on top and align the frame and the opening. Put on your eyepiece and enter the model observatory.
Ch2 insert final modelCh2 observatory top

Ch2 observatory eyepieceCh2 enter observatory

Inside you will find a model grasshopper. Slide the button on top of the grasshopper. Then flip the switch under the second set of wings. Pull the head. Get a metal pointer.
Ch2 pull legCh2 grasshopper button

Ch2 grasshopper switchCh2 get dial

Go back to the helmet. Notice strange symbols on the inside of panel door similar to the one on metal plate. Insert the metal pointer and use the X shaped dial to operate the barometer. A copper tap will appear. Grab the copper tap.
Ch2 locate barometerCh2 insert needle

Ch2 operate barometerCh2 copper tap

Locate a triangle shape similar to the one of the copper tap. Place and turn the tap.
Ch2 triangle slotCh2 insert copper tap

Ch2 turn tap

Rotate and align the oval shapes. Unscrew the wing nut next to the main window. The window will open. Grab a crystal phial.
Ch2 oval shapesCh2 wingnut on main

Ch2 get phial
Go back to the stone circle. Exam the metal acorn. Turn the top part to open the acorn revealing a key underneath. Then place the metal acorn on the tree image. Turn the dial to open the door. Insert the antler. Adjust the left antler to mirror image the right antler. The top part of the box will lifted revealing a stone mortar. Place the crystal phial in the center. Get a glowing gemstone.
Ch2 acornCh2 rotate acorn

Ch2 acorn keyCh2 insert acorn

Ch2 turn acornCh2 insert antler

Ch2 rotate antlerCh2 antler pair

Ch2 insert phialCh2 glowing gemstone

Place the glowing gemstone in the model lighthouse. Pick up the illuminated lamp.
Ch2 insert gemstoneCh2 get lamp

An elevator will descend. Turn the wheel in the center of elevator. The elevator will go up to the lantern room.
Ch2 elevatorCh2 elevator wheel

Ch2 lighthouse top
The bottom wheel allows you to rotate the cage. Use the latches to control which part of the cage to rotate. Rotate the cage to move the empty spot over top of the alcove.
Ch2 open cage

Place the illuminated lamp inside the lantern. Obtain an engraved pyramid. You have complete Chapter 2.

Ch2 insert lampCh2 second pyramid


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