Chapter 3 Black Box | The Room 2

Here’s the final part to our 4 part series walkthrough for The Room 2 Chapter 3. This part continues after you set off the torch after lighting up the straw man on fire. We will go over all the details on how to solve each of the puzzle. Please leave comments and questions if you still cannot beat the stage.

Part 1: Cross Bow Setup
Part 2: Broken Mirror
Part 3: Temple
Part 4: Black Box

Go to the crossbow. Grab and load the crossbow bolt. Aim the crossbow at the sand bag behind the bars, the sand bag is the left one. A mechanism will trigger and reveal a hidden chamber.

Chapter3 Second Crossbow Setup Chapter3 Second Crossbow Shoot Chapter3 Sandbag Chapter3 Mechanism

Get the Metal Object with a Star Shape at either End.

Chapter3 Wall Chapter3 Metal Object with a Star Shape at Either End

Place the object in the chest on the bottom circle. Close and then open the chest. Gather a Metal Shard with a Ridged Hole in its Center.

Chapter3 Second Chest Visit  Chapter3 Insert Metal Object with a Star Shape at Either End Chapter3 Close Chest Chapter3 Open Chest

Place the shard on the wheel on the side of temple. Align the symbols on the wheel.

Chapter3 Locating Wheel   Chapter3 Align symbols

Temple opens up after the wheel is aligned, you can then grab the Human Skull.

Chapter3 Skull Chapter3 Get Skull

Place the Human Skull on the wall. Pull the handle at the bottom. The skull will parted revealing a black box.

Chapter3 Wall Mechanism Chapter3 Insert Skull

Align the box symbols to open it up. After the box opens you will see the red jewel signaling the end of the stage. The red lines will appear. Rotate your view until the symbol is revealed. You will then be sucked into a portal and escape from this room.

Chapter3 Turn handle   Chapter3 Null Chapter3 Align symbol Chapter3 Portal

You have complete the Chapter! Congratulations for beating the room and solve the mystery of The Room 2 Chapter 3.


Chapter 3 Black Box | The Room 2 — 7 Comments

  1. I have been trying for 3 days to put the shards over the castle together. I absolutely cannot get it. I had almost no problems with any thing else in this game. I found room 1 much harder. Can you give me any help?

    • The key to the symbol is the straight line right down the middle…once you find that everything else falls into place…good luck don’t give up.

  2. I would like to know is there 2 temple boxes. I could have sworn I seen the one w/the round key circle. The other one w/ the sword, but where is the other one w/ the circle. I am lost! Of where to put the funny looking shard key. THe box on the floor & the shard looks the same but will not work. What am I doing wrong?

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