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Like the previous game The Room, you have received a mysterious letter asking you for your help.

Chapter 1 Intro Letter

You quickly find that you have a broken tool to help you find secrets that are not possible with normal view. Your first course of action is to repair the much needed eye piece.

Chapter 1 Broken Eyepiece

Now you have a chance to take a good look at the room. Below is a quick overview on where the important items are inside the Chapter 1 for The Room 2.

Chapter 1 Room

Rotate the lock as shown in the screen to unlock the cylinder box. And then push the button so you can release the lock mechanism.

Chapter 1 Cylinder Box Rotating LockChapter 1 Cylinder Box Push Button

Open up the Cylinder Box to find a puzzle.

Chapter 1 Cylinder Box Open Lid

For this puzzle, you will have to rotate the center circle, so that each of the pieces can be moved into the gaps. The location of the pieces are shown.

Chapter 1 Cylinder Box Piece Lock

After solving the puzzle, the side drawer is unlocked. Grab the extra eye piece lense inside.

Chapter 1 Cylinder Box Side DrawerChapter 1 Extra Lense

With the extra eye lense, you will be able to fix your eye piece automatically.

Chapter 1 Fixed Eye Piece

Switch the view to eye piece and use your finger to unlock the mini safe. Obtain the first metal piece from the mini safe.

Chapter 1 Using EyepieceChapter 1 Finger Print Lock

Chapter 1 Push ButtonChapter 1 First Metal Piece

Now you can get a good view of the square table by jumping to it.

Chapter 1 Square Table

Place the first metal piece into the hexagon slot by dragging the item to it. You will now see a clue asking you to find the second metal piece.

Chapter 1 First Metal SlotChapter 1 Insert First Metal Slot

The second metal piece is located on the side of the hexagon table next to the letter.

Chapter 1 Hexagon TableChapter 1 Second Metal Location

Chapter 1 Second Metal Zoom InChapter 1 Second Metal Piece

With the second metal piece in hand, jump to the square table and place the second piece into the slot.

Chapter 1 Insert Second Metal PieceChapter 1 Metal Piece Unlock

Turn the sides to obtain a golden sphere ball.

Chapter 1 Metal Lock TurnChapter 1 Obtain Circle Ball

By placing the golden ball into the center box of the square table, you will start a new puzzle. This time you need a secret code. Check the letter on the table and switch to eyepiece view. The code is SESWN

Chapter 1 Place Golden Sphere

Chapter 1 Golden Sphere Secret CodeChapter 1 Golden Sphere Unlock

After completing the golden sphere puzzle, you will obtain a golden shield. Manipulate the golden shield so that it forms a square.

Chapter 1 Golden Shield

Chapter 1 Golden Shield SetupChapter 1 Golden Shield Final

Head to the Hexagon Table and place the golden shield into the center square box.

Chapter 1 Square BoxChapter 1 Projector

Switch to the eyepiece view while observing the projector. You will then move the screen around to find 3 hidden red symbols in the dark.

Chapter 1 Projector and EyepieceChapter 1 First Symbol

Chapter 1 Second SymbolChapter 1 Third Symbol

Crack open the treasure egg box to find a blood jewel.

Chapter 1 Treasure EggChapter 1 Blood Jewel

You now have some weird red lines in space, rotate your view around so that the lines match up with the red symbols next to the Goddess.

Chapter 1 Movement PuzzleChapter 1 Puzzle Match

Congratulations you have now escaped from the room and cracked open all the puzzles in Chapter 1 of The Room 2.

Chapter 1 Crypt Exit

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