Chapter 3 Crossbow Setup | The Room 2

Welcome to the best walkthrough guide of Chapter 3 (The Temple) for The Room Two. We have divided the complete walkthrough into easy to read parts featuring the different main locations that you have to solve. Because certain items require several visits, we have divided them accordingly where appropriate. Please let us know if you are still stuck with any of the puzzles or if we are not clear with our best walkthrough solutions.

We have divided The Room 2 Chapter 3 into the following major sections.

Part 1: Cross Bow Setup
Part 2: Broken Mirror
Part 3: Temple
Part 4: Black Box

This section features the crossbow. You woke up looking through a crack. Look up and grab the Metal Bar.
Chapter3 Crack Chapter3 Metal Bar Chapter3 Grab Metal Bar

Push down the stone wall in front of you. You will find a box sitting on top of a stone table.
Chapter3 Enter the room Chapter3 Box on the Table

Look closely at the box. Slide open the metal hinge. Grab the Small Token.
Chapter3 Box close up Chapter3 Metal Hinge Chapter3 Metal Hinge Slide Open Chapter3 Swtich Chapter3 Small Token Chapter3 Get Small Token

Now change your view to the top of the box and obtain a golden tower.
Chapter3 Look for Golde Tower Chapter3 Gold Tower Chapter3 Get Gold Tower

Look around the room. Locate a crossbow sitting on a pedestal. Get the Small Wooden Handle on top of the pedestal.
Chapter3 Locate Crossbow Chapter3 Small Wooden Handle Chapter3 Get Small Wooden Handle

Go back to the box. Locate the switch with a triangle and a square holes. Insert the Small Wooden Handle. The switch controls the panel on the left. Align each symbols by moving the switch up or down. The puzzle is pretty simple that you should be able to figure it out.
Chapter3 Locate Switch Chapter3 Switch Holes

The final solution for the switch puzzle will look something like this. The secret compartment will then open. Get the Trigger Mechanism.
Chapter3 Trigger Mechanism Chapter3 Get Trigger Mechanism

With the trigger mechanism, you can Go to the crossbow and set it up. Insert the Trigger Mechanism and the Metal Bar.
Chapter3 Crossbow second visit Chapter3-Crossbow-second-visit-closeup

Go to the chest on the other side of the room. Turn the handle on the chest. Grab A Length of String.
Chapter3 Chest Chapter3 Chest closeup Chapter3 Chest Handle Chapter3 Turn Chest Handle Chapter3 Get A Lenth of String

Go to the crossbow. Insert the Length of String. A drawer will open. Grab a Crossbow Bolt from the drawer.
Chapter3 Install Crossbow String Chapter3 Pedestal Drawer Chapter3 Crossbow Bolt in Drawer Chapter3 Get Crossbow Bolt from Drawer

Load the crossbow with the bolt. You will have to pull back the bolt to load it properly.
Chapter3 Install Crossbow Bolt Chapter3 Pull Crossbow String

Aim the crossbow at the hole in the stone wall. Trigger the mechanism to shoot out the bolt. Do not worry if you miss as you can get more arrows later.
Chapter3 Crossbow Align and Shoot

A mechanism will trigger revealing a broken mirror and puzzle box on top of a stone table. See the next section Chapter 3: Broken Mirror.

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