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Welcome to the final part of The Room 2 Chapter 4 complete walkthrough guide. You will resume the stage from where we have left off from the previous part. After getting “HOPE” as the keyword from the last part, you will continue to solve the mysteries of The Room Two until you can get out of the room.

Part 1: Camera
Part 2: Typewriter and Tarot Cards
Part 3: Cabinet

Enter the word: Hope in the typewriter. Press enter. Read the passage as follows: “The null graced me with time for a dozen lives’ work. Now death returns to take his due.”

Chapter4 Type HopeChapter4 Hope Passage

Go to the card table. Grab a Small Bell that fell from the top of the box.

Chapter4 Top of BoxChapter4 Small Bell

Examine the bell. Align the top and bottom part of the bell to release and obtain the Clapper.

Chapter4 Align Small BellChapter4 Get Clapper from a Bell

Observe the Clapper from the Bell. The tip of the clapper can be opened to form a key. You will need to use the clapper key to open the side of the Tarot card table box and the glass cabinet.

Chapter4 Examine ClapperChapter4 Tip of Clapper

Insert the clapper key into the keyhole on the side of the box on the card table. Turn the clapper and unlock a Brass Dial below for you to collect.

Chapter4 Side of BoxChapter4 Turn Clapper

Chapter4 Brass Dial AppearChapter4 Get a Brass Dial

Go to the cabinet and insert Clapper into the keyhole for the second time and turn.

Chapter4 CabinetChapter4 Clapper second use

A case sits on top of the cabinet shelf. Open the case and get the Decorative Plate. Place the Decorative Plate into a larger plate at the bottom of the cabinet. Rotate and align the design on the plate. Obtain passcode: KHAN.

Chapter4 Top LayerChapter4 case

Chapter4 open caseChapter4 Get a decorative plate

Chapter4 Large PlateChapter4 Insert Decorative Plate

Chapter4 Align PlateChapter4 Retrieve passcode KHAN

Examine the middle layer of the cabinet. Notice a book is sticking out. Pull on the book to activate a mechanism that reveals a safe to the left of the cabinet.

Chapter4 Middle LayerChapter4 Book

Chapter4 Safe

It’s time to open the safe with your new found password KHAN. First place the brass dial that you found from the Tarot cart table box.

Chapter4 Insert Brass DialChapter4 Turn Brass Dial

To open the safe with the pass code, twist the dial by going clockwise until it turns to “K”. Counter clockwise until H. Clock Wise until A, then finally counter clockwise for the final letter N.

Open the safe and claim your Null Tarot Card.

Chapter4 KHANChapter4 Get Null Tarot Card

Visit the tarot card table again. Grab and place the following tarot card in the center: NULL, TIME, DEATH. Then press the square button. The glass cabinet is now completely opened.

Chapter4 Hope Tarot CardsChapter4 Insert Hope Tarot Cards

Head over to the now opened glass cabinet. Insert a torn piece of an old photograph to the photograph in the cabinet.

Chapter4 Cabinet Right SideChapter4 Insert Torn Piece of Photograph

Then, look at the photograph under your eyepiece.

Chapter4 Old PhotographChapter4 Old Photograph with Eyepiece

Chapter4 Old Photograph Dead Man

A dead man magically appears sitting at the Tarot card table. He is holding a watch. Press the button on the watch and look at the watch under your eyepiece. Grab the Ornate Key from the watch.

Chapter4 Dead ManChapter4 Dead Man Watch Dial

Chapter4 Dead Man Watch InsideChapter4 Dead Man Watch Inside with Eyepiece

Insert the key into the box on the card table and turn. Tap on the black goo on the gold sphere that appeared.

Chapter4 Box KeyholeChapter4 Turn Ornate Key

Chapter4 NULL

Congratulations, you have now completed The Room 2 Chapter 4!

Chapter4 Complete


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