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Chapter 4 (The Séance) of The Room Two is yet another long chapter to beat. To help you figure out the mystery of The Room 2 Chapter 4, we have written a detailed guide to help you find all the secrets and solve the puzzles. We have divided the complete walkthrough into 3 easy to read parts so that you can narrow down your progress easily. Below is a list of all the parts for the Chapter 4 walkthrough reference.

Part 1: Camera
Part 2: Typewriter and Tarot Cards
Part 3: Cabinet

When you first enter the room, you will notice a couple big sections including the following:
1. A table with some cards on top.
2. A Camera on a stand pointing at the table.
3. A cabinet
4. A roll top desk.

Your first task is to examine the table. Take a look at the letter. Grab the Viewfinder sitting on top of the letter.

Chapter4 LetterChapter4 Get Viewfinder

Go over to the camera. Insert the Viewfinder into the front slot of the camera.

Chapter4 CameraChapter4 Back of Camera

Chapter4 LensChapter4 Insert Viewfinder

A secret mechanism will trigger and reveal a hidden compartment to the side of the camera. Get a Small Metal Handle inside. Insert the handle onto the camera to the side and rotate the handle. The viewfinder at the front of the camera then expands.

Chapter4 Camera compartmentChapter4 Get Small Metal Handle

Chapter4 Insert Small Metal HandleChapter4 Turn Camera Handle

Chapter4 Camera Expand

Go back to the Viewfinder. Turn the dial around the viewfinder. Align the line on the dial with the line on the metal plate. The desk top will spring open.

Chapter4 Back to Camera Lens

Chapter4 Turn Camera DialChapter4 Align Camera Dial

Examine the lamp on the desk. Turn the dial at the base of the lamp. A hidden compartment below will open with a small key for you to grab.

Chapter4 Desk LampChapter4 Lamp Dial

Chapter4 Turn Lamp DialChapter4 Get a small key

Insert the Small Key into the keyhole right underneath the lamp. Adjust the end of the key to match the keyhole shape.

The lock that the small key opens is right underneath the lamp. Before you use the small key however, it require some adjustment so that the shape can fit inside the lock.

Chapter4 Small Key Keyhole
Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle

Chapter4 Drawer Key AdjustmentChapter4 Small Key closeup

Drawers will now be able to be opened. There are marking next to the drawers. The markings note secrets codes that need to be opened to certain positions. The clues are located around the desk. Below is a list of clues to solve this puzzle.

Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle Clues

Top Drawer Clue: Found on one of the books. The clue is labeled “II”.

Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle Clue2

Center Drawer Clue: Can only be noticed while using the eyepiece mode. You will see two finger prints on the corner of the desk. Use two fingers to slide over a secret panel to reveal the desk clue. The clue is labeled “IV”.

Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle Clue3 eyepieceChapter4 Drawer Puzzle Clue Fingerprint

Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle Clue3

Bottom Drawer Clue: Found on one of the desk leg. The clue is labeled “V”.

Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle Clue1

With all the clues obtained, set each drawer to right location from top-down: II, IV, V. Collect the light bulb inside.

Chapter4 Drawer Puzzle Solution1Chapter4 Get A Bulb

You will find keyhole next to the drawers. Adjust the small key again to fit into the shape of the lock.

Chapter4 Second KeyholeChapter4 Small Key Adjust2

A rubix cute like puzzle will appear. Follow the below steps to solve the puzzle. Simply roll the ball to the positions shown then turn the box sections. Grab the Stars Tarot Card at the end of the puzzle.

Chapter4 Puzzle1Chapter4 Puzzle2

Chapter4 Puzzle3Chapter4 Puzzle4

Chapter4 Puzzle5Chapter4 Puzzle6

Chapter4 Puzzle7Chapter4 Puzzle8

Chapter4 Puzzle9Chapter4 Puzzle10

Chapter4 Puzzle11Chapter4 Puzzle12

Chapter4 Puzzle13Chapter4  Get Star Tarot Card

Open the front drawer and get a torn piece of an old photograph.

Chapter4 Locate Front DrawerChapter4 Get a torn piece of an old photo

Go back to the camera. and zoom into the flash portion.

Chapter4 Locate FlashChapter4 Flash closeup

Insert light bulb in the flash. Push the button in the back of the flash to eject a camera film. Observe it through eyepiece. A box will appear on the table.

Chapter4 Install BulbChapter4 Flash Button

Chapter4 Locate Camera FilmChapter4 Camera film

Chapter4 Camera film with eyepieceChapter4 Box on card table

Chapter4 Tarot cards

Now we are ready to move onto the next part of The Room Two Chapter 4 Part 2: Typewriter.


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