Chapter 6 Drawer Puzzle | The Room 2

Welcome to the last chapter of The Room 2 by Fireproof Games as of the 2013 Winter update. In this walkthrough for The Lab, we will guide you through all of the puzzles and locked key locations. With this detailed and complete strategy guide, you will beat the game and escape in no time.

Part 1: Drawer Puzzle
Part 2: Drum of Images
Part 3: Box on the Round Table

The Chapter 6 of the Room 2 puts you inside a lab with a box on a round table. Go to the cabinet. Open the drawer labeled number 1. Get a Screwdriver from the drawer.

Chapter6 Enter the LabChapter6 Cabinet

Chapter6 Drawer1Chapter6 Drawer1 Inside

Chapter6 Drawer1 Content

Head to the working bench. Examine the sphere and notice it to be locked by screw. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screw. Turn the knob to obtain a wooden box.

Chapter6 Working BenchChapter6 Sphere

Chapter6 Insert ScrewdriverChapter6 Sphere Inside

The wooden box is locked. Observe the 3 symbols on the box as you will need them to find the pass code with your next step.

Chapter6 Wooden Box Close Up

Decode the symbols on the box with the round stone plate with Black Metallic Liquid in the center. Turn the dials based on the symbols on the box. You will then decipher the password as 1, 7, 3.

Chapter6 Power GeneratorChapter6 Power Generator Close Up

Chapter6 round stone plate with Black Metallic LiquidChapter6 Wooden Box Decode 1

Chapter6 Wooden Box Decode 7Chapter6 Wooden Box Decode 3

Enter the passcode as 1, 7, 3 with the locked wooden box. Get a battery.

Chapter6 Inside Wooden BoxChapter6 Get a Battery

Insert the battery into the generator next to the black pool of metallic liquid.

Chapter6 Charging BatteryChapter6 Battery Compartment

Turn the wheel for a couple of rounds to generate electricity. Once the gauge reach the red section. Pull the handle to transfer the power and grab the charged battery.

Chapter6 Insert BatteryChapter6 Generator Wheel

Chapter6 Generator HandleChapter6 Get a charged Battery

Go to the working bench. Insert Battery into a power source case on the right. Flip the power switch to complete the circuit. The red laser light apparatus is now powered.

Chapter6 Return to Working BenchChapter6 Locate Light Apparatus

Chapter6 Light Apparatus BatteryChapter6 Light Apparatus Battery Insert

Use the dial to adjust the laser beam so that the light looks solid red.

Chapter6 Light Apparatus Power UpChapter6 Light Apparatus Light Beam

Look under the lens. The light beam is originally aiming into the wall. Rotate the reflector so the light beam is aiming at the red glass part of the box on the table. A mechanism will trigger. Get the Star-Shaped Handle.

Chapter6 Working Bench Reflector AdjustmentChapter6 Working Bench Reflector Lens

Chapter6 Working Bench Reflector Lens Light BeamChapter6 Working Bench Reflector Light Beam to Box

Chapter6 Working Bench Reflector Light Beam to Box mechanismChapter6 Get Star-Shap Handle

Go to the Cabinet. Insert the Star-Shaped Handle into the hole above the drawer. Turn the handle.

Chapter6 Back to DrawerChapter6 Back to Drawer Close Up

Chapter6 Drawer SwitchChapter6 Insert Star-Shape Handle

The label on the drawer has now changed. Open the drawer 2. Get a Drum of Images.

Chapter6 Turn Star-Shape HandleChapter6 Get A Drum of Images

Turn the switch on the left side of the drawer 2 to trigger a mechanism . One of the bolts on the left cabinet door is unlocked.

Chapter6 Switch on Drawer2Chapter6 Cabinet Door Bolt Open

Go back to drawer 1 by turning the star handle. Turn the switch on the right side of the drawer 1. A mechanism will trigger and now bolt with number 1 is unlocked.

Chapter6 Turn Star-Shape Handle AgainChapter6 Back to Drawer1

Chapter6 Switch on Drawer1Chapter6 Cabinet Door Second Bolt

Open the cabinet door and look into it. Turn the switch next to the Red beetle. A secret compartment will revealed and get the large handle from the hidden cabinet chamber.

Chapter6 Inside Cabinet LeftChapter6 In Cabinet Switch

Chapter6 Large handle revealChapter6 Get A Large Handle

Continue on to second part of Chapter 6 to solve the mystery of Drum of Images.

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