Chapter 6 Drum of Images | The Room 2

Welcome to the Part 2 of our detailed guide for The Room 2 Chapter 6. This walkthrough guide continues after you have obtained the large handle from the cabinet’s secret compartment. In this part, you will discover the secret hidden inside the drum of images.

Part 1: Drawer Puzzle
Part 2: Drum of Images
Part 3: Box on the Round Table

Zoom into the round table. Insert the large handle into the hole on the edge of the table.

Chapter6 Locate Large Handle Hole Chapter6 Find Large Handle Hole

Turning the handle will move the Hexagon-shaped plate on the table surface. Align the Hexagon-shaped plate with a hexagon hole. Pull the knob. A crystal will reveal.

Chapter6 Insert Large Handle Chapter6 Turn Large Handle

Continue turning the handle unit until the light beam pass through the crystal.

Chapter6 Pull Handle Hexagon ShapeChapter6 Hexagon Crystal Light Reflecting

Go to the reflector on top of a chest drawer. Look into the lens and rotate the laser reflector so the light beam is aiming at the red beetle. The right cabinet door will then be unlocked.

Chapter6 Reflector on Chest Drawer Chapter6 Adjust Light Beam Chest Drawer Chapter6 Aim Light Beam at Red Beetle Chapter6 Right Cabinet Door Unlock

Open the right cabinet door. On top layer grab a battery and a Large Rhinoceros Beetle.

Chapter6 Inside Right Cabinet Chapter6 Get Battery from Cabinet Chapter6 Locate large rhinoceros beetle Chapter6 Get Large Rhinoceros Beetle

Observe the bottom layer through your eyepiece and note a bottle with fingerpirnts. Open the tonics bottle by turning. Obtain a piece of a Broken Plaque.

Chapter6 Bottom Layer of Right Cabinet Chapter6 Bottom Layer of Right Cabinet Close Up Chapter6 Medicinal tonics bottle through eyepiece Chapter6 Open Medicinal Tonics Chapter6 Inside Medicinal tonics bottle Chapter6 Get a piece of a broken plague

Go back to drawer 1. Insert the Piece of a Broken Plaque and get a fuse (It looks like it’s intact).

Chapter6 Insert Broken Plague Chapter6 Get a Fuse

Insert second battery into the generator. Turn the wheel to generate electricity like before. Pull the handle once the gauge reach the red section.

Chapter6 Charging second battery Chapter6 Insert Second Battery Chapter6 Turn generator wheel Chapter6 Power up second battery

The fuse will be burned out during the charging process. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screw. Discard the burnt out fuse. Insert the fuse from your inventory. Go through the charging process again to complete the charged battery.

Chapter6 Second Battery Handle Chapter6 Burnt Out Fuse Chapter6 Insert Screwdriver Fuse Chapter6 Discard Burnt Fuse Chapter6 Insert Fuse Chapter6 Second Try Chapter6 Second Try Handle Chapter6 Get charged second battery

Go to the image player on top of the chest drawer. Insert a drum of images and battery. Look into the screen and see a broken arm.

Chapter6 Locate Image Player Chapter6 Image Player Chapter6 Insert Drum of Images Chapter6 Insert secnd battery

Put on your eyepiece and look into the lends again. This time you will see two symbols. The first symbol looks like a double V and the second symbol is a line strike through two circles.

Chapter6 Image Chapter6 Eyepiece Chapter6 Image Eyepiece Chapter6 Symbols Image

Take a green ground beetle on top of the drum that popped out.

Chapter6 Bettle on drum Chapter6 Get Green Ground Beetle

Continue on to the final part of The Room 2 Chapter 6 – Box on Round Table.

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