Chapter 4 Typewriter and Tarot Cards | The Room 2

This complete walkthrough guide for The Room 2 features Chapter 4 Part 2. This walkthrough guide resumes after you have revealed the Tarot card box on the table. Please leave any comments if you have any trouble following our solution guide, please feel free to ask for a better explanation of the answers.

Part 1: Camera
Part 2: Typewriter and Tarot Cards
Part 3: Cabinet

Go back to the desk. There is another keyhole at the far left of the desk. Adjust the end of the key to fit the shape of the lock.

Chapter4 Locate Third Small Keyhole Chapter4 Adjust Small Key Chapter4 Insert Third Small Key

A puzzle will appear. To grab the metal piece, simply clear out the squares from the the top left and move your way to the middle. On the right side is the same, move the two small pieces to make room for the big piece. The final solution looks something like this with the two brass clips out of the way.

Grab the Metal Symbol.

Chapter4 Push Block Puzzle Chapter4 Push Block Puzzle Solution Chapter4 Get a metal symbol

Head to the desk and locate the metal symbol on the front. Insert the Metal Symbol and get a Long Metal Lever.

Chapter4 Locate metal symbol Chapter4 Metal Symbol Slot Chapter4 Metal Symbol Compartment Chapter4 Get a long metal lever

Install Long Metal Lever on the type writer on top of the desk. Read the clue sitting to the left of the typewriter: INFINITY. Enter the word INFINITY on the type writer. Press enter with the red button on the right.

Chapter4 Locate TypewriterChapter4 Typewriter first clueChapter4 INFINITYChapter4 Type INFINITY

The typewriter continues to type out the following message “We began at home, staring at the stars. So much to discover, so little time“.

Chapter4 INFINITY Passage

Go to the tarot card table. Grab and place the following tarot card in the center: Home, Stars, Time. Then press the square button. The machine will spell out the next clue: Voyage.

Chapter4 Infinity Tarot Cards InsertChapter4 Infinity Tarot CardsChapter4 Voyage

Head back to the typewriter. Enter the word: Voyage. Press enter like before into the machine. The typewriter returns the following passage: “Countless ships bore us triumphant to a hidden temple. It was at home you proved a shallow friend.”

Chapter4 Type VOYAGEChapter4 Voyage Passage

Go to the card table. Grab and place the following tarot cards in the center: SHIP, TEMPLE, HOME. Then press the square button. The machine will spell out the next word clue: Endless.

Chapter4 Voyage tarot cards insertChapter4 Voyage Tarot CardsChapter4 Endless

Enter the word: Endless in the typewriter. Press enter to submit it. Read the passage. “Under these alien stars I courted only death. I am saved by science. My muse.” However, this time around there is a hidden message. Put on eyepiece and observe these additional words which have been typed with invisible ink. “Up up down up down down down up“.

Chapter4 Type EndlessChapter4 Endless PassageChapter4 Invisible Ink

Note that you do not have the Death tarot card. However, with the hidden “Up up down up down down down up” clue you will obtain the card. Check the two square buttons at the front of the desk. Push both buttons at the same time. A panel with little switches are revealed. Flip the switches on and off based on the clue. A drawer will then open with a Death Tarot Card free for you to grab.

Chapter4 Locate Front Table SwitchesChapter4 Front Table Switches ButtonsChapter4 Front Table SwitchesChapter4 Get Death Tarot Card

Go back to the tarot card table. Grab and place the following tarot card in the center: STARS, DEATH, SCIENCE. Press the square button. The machine will spell out the word: Hope.

Chapter4 Endless Tarot Cards InsertChapter4 Endless Tarot CardsChapter4 Hope


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  1. I did not do things in the order you describe. I opened up the switches earlier and somehow they are all locked in the down position. I can’t get them to move. Any ideas?

    • Collect the bell that fell of the top of the box, look at it in more detail, spin the bottom, you’ll get the weird shaped key

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