Chapter 2 Clock Mechanism | The Room 2

Welcome to the last part of Chapter 2 walkthrough in The Room 2. With this part, you will have to retune the clock so that it shows the right time. Use this walkthrough guide to help you beat the game if you are stuck.

Part 1: Model Ship First Visit
Part 2: The Treasure Box and Model Ship Second Visit
Part 3: The Weighing Station
Part 4: Clock Mechanism

After the weighting station has been cleared, you will obtain a clock winding wire and an anchor.

Chapter 2 Anchor and Wire

With the anchor, head back to the model ship. Place the anchor to the side of the model ship to obtain a golden star.

Chapter 2 Model Ship
Chapter 2 Anchor PositionChapter 2 Placing Anchor

Chapter 2 Golden Star

Head back to the box. Check the side to flip two switches and obtain a flat screwdriver.

Chapter 2 Box CornerChapter 2 Switched Box Corner

Chapter 2 Flat Screw Driver

Place the golden star in the front to open up the box.

Chapter 2 Golden Star PlacedChapter 2 Opened Box

Flip the switch at the corner of the box to obtain another winder tool.

Chapter 2 Box Corner SliderChapter 2 Winding Tool

Place the winder tool into the circle slot and wind it to raise up the box.

Chapter 2 Place Winder ToolChapter 2 Raised Mechanism

Flip to the other side of the cylinder box to flip a switch and open it.

Chapter 2 Side PanelChapter 2 Opened Clock Panel

Place the winding wire that you got at the beginning of this section on the left. And place the golden key into the key hole to the right. Now you have a working clock.

Chapter 2 Place Screw DriverChapter 2 Place Winding Wire

Check the left of the clock box using eye piece to find an important clue 2:50

Chapter 2 Side Panel SecretChapter 2 Side Panel Secret Eyepiece

Chapter 2 Side Panel Secret 250

Change the time on the clock to 2:50.

Chapter 2 Finished Clock

Press both buttons at the same time to obtain the key.

Chapter 2 Clock Key

Use the key to open the lock at the top of the box.

Chapter 2 Clock Box Key HoleChapter 2 Final Layer

Use eyepiece view to view the model ship. Rotate it so that it shows the final picture.

Chapter 2 Model Boat PuzzleChapter 2 Model Boat Puzzle Solved

Finally, grab the pyramid and place it on the base in the middle of the table.

Chapter 2 Pyramid PieceChapter 2 Table Center

Grab the red jewel and match it as a picture and pass the stage!

Chapter 2 Final Jewel BoxChapter 2 Victory


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