Chapter 3 Temple | The Room 2

If you are stuck with Chapter 3 in The Room 2, you have come to the right solution guide that walk you through all the puzzles. This guide features the part 3 of our 4 part walkthrough series for Chapter 3 in the game. In this section, you will have to manipulate the code letter on a magical mirror to solve the mystery of a castle temple box. Have fun and feel free to leave any comments if you are still stuck after reading our walkthrough guide.

Part 1: Cross Bow Setup
Part 2: Broken Mirror
Part 3: Temple
Part 4: Black Box

After fixing the broken mirror with the piece of mirror shard, you now have to find the code to reveal its hidden secret. To find the passcode, go back to the floor where you got the large stone piece. Look for the frame covered in dirt. Remove the dirt by sliding your fingers repeatedly. The code reveals two letters that look like a J and two arrows pointing left.

Chapter3-Temple-Passcode Chapter3 Reveal Temple Passcode

Input the code into the mirror for a temple castle box to magically appear on the center table. The code is a J looking letter and two left pointing arrows.

Chapter3 Enter Temple Passcode Chapter3 Temple transform activate

The box has now been transformed into a shiny golden temple. Put the Gold Tower on the top of the temple at one of the corner on the second level. Grab the Ancient dagger sword from the castle box.

Chapter3 Temple Revealed  Chapter3 Insert Gold TowerChapter3 Reveal a Ornate Ancient Dagger Chapter3 Get Ornate Ancient Dagger

Observe all four sides of the temple and you will note one of the “arch” door way is off center. Slide the plate towards the center.

Chapter3 Slide panel Chapter3 Main Gate

Put on the eyepiece and look through the main gate. You enter a hall way. Locate the archways by adjusting your views. Below are some pictures on what the final result through the passage should look like.

Chapter3 Archway1 Chapter3 Archway2 Chapter3 Archway3Chapter3 Archway4

Two symbols passcode will appear for the mirror again. The code looks like two half circles and an X letter.

Chapter3 End of Hallway Chapter3 Symbol Passcode

Go to the mirror and enter the passcode. The temple will transform into an old looking beat up temple.

Chapter3 Transform Passcode Chapter3 Box

Insert the Ancient Dagger through the hole on top of the box. The top will open. Obtain the Straw Effigy and A Small Gem.

Chapter3 Top of Box Chapter3 Get Straw Effigy Chapter3 Throne Chapter3 Get Red Gem

Put on the eyepiece and look at the back of the box. Make a note of the strange red markings, especially the ones that light up.

Chapter3 Back of Box Chapter3 Hidden Code

Use the mirror to go back to the golden shiny temple.

Chapter3 Mirror Passcode Chapter3 Transformation

Place the Small Gem at the back of the temple, the missing gem piece is located at the upper left of the back panel. Press on the red gems as shown in the image below. Retrieve a Piece of Flint.

Chapter3 Back of the Temple Chapter3 Insert Red Gem Chapter3 Enter Code Chapter3 Get a piece of flint

Place the Straw Effigy on the stone bowl next to the chest and set up the Piece of Flint. Light up the bowl. The torch on the wall will light up.
Chapter3 Stone BowlChapter3-Install-Piece-of-Flint Chapter3 Light up Straw Effigy Chapter3 Room torch light up

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  1. I can find the golden temple in the mirror, I have the gem, but I cannot get the temple to appear in order to put the gem on the back. It just stays in the mirror

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