Chapter 2 The Treasure Box and Second Model Ship Visit | The Room 2

Welcome to the best walkthrough guide of The Room 2. Because Chapter 2 is so long, we have divided the complete walkthrough into easy to read parts featuring the different main locations that you have to solve. Because certain items require several visits, we have divided them accordingly where appropriate. Please let us know if you are still stuck with any of the puzzles or if we are not clear with our best walkthrough guides.

We have divided The Room 2 Chapter 2 into the following major sections.

Part 1: Model Ship First Visit
Part 2: The Treasure Box and Model Ship Second Visit
Part 3: The Weighing Station
Part 4: Clock Mechanism

After obtaining the strange key from the first part, you are now brought over to solve the puzzles with the treasure box.

Before you start solving all the puzzles from the treasure box. Grab these two important items first, although you do not need them right away, you will need to use them later.

Chapter 2 Treasure Box

First grab the small key by checking the pillar to the back. Turn the half circles to release the key.

Chapter 2 Small Key PuzzleChapter 2 Small Key Puzzle Solution

Second grab the strange cylinder off the side of the treasure chest.

Chapter 2 Cylinder LocationChapter 2 Get Cylinder

Chapter 2 Cylinder HandleChapter 2 Cylinder Setup

Lift the cylinder’s arm for later uses.

Chapter 2 Lift Cylinder Arm

Now let’s check out the treasure box and the hidden secret inside. Open it by turning the side pieces so that the strange key can be inserted.

Chapter 2 Outer KeyholeChapter 2 Insert Strange Key

Once the treasure box is opened, you will see a couple of water pool locations. Below are the steps to take for you to release all the outer treasure box locks.

Chapter 2 Treasure Box Inside

Use the eyepiece on the first pool of water. Move the side pins to unlock it.

Chapter 2 First Pool EyepieceChapter 2 First Pool

Chapter 2 First Pool SolvedChapter 2 First Pool Result

Use the eyepiece on the second pool of water. Move the side pins to unlock it.

Chapter 2 Second Pool SlideChapter 2 Second Pool

Chapter 2 Second Pool EyepieceChapter 2 Second Pool Result

Use the eyepiece on the third pool of water and solve it.

Chapter 2 Third PoolChapter 2 Third Pool Eyepiece

Chapter 2 Third Pool SolvedChapter 2 Third Pool Result

Now a sliding button appears where the fourth pool is. Slide the button to reveal the pool. Again you will need the eyepiece to look beyond the water.

Chapter 2 Fourth Pool Slide

Chapter 2 Fourth PoolChapter 2 Fourth Pool Eyepiece

Chapter 2 Fourth Pool SolvedChapter 2 Fourth Pool Result

Place the cylinder that you have prepared earlier inside the center hole. Remember to lift its arms for it to fit and work.

Chapter 2 Place Cylinder

With the cylinder in place and turned, you will not commence a sailing game based on the clues. Read the clue and set sail for the ship with the path shown here.

Chapter 2 Sailing Map

Chapter 2 First Sail ClueChapter 2 First Sail

After the first sail, the second clue shows with a keyhole. Your goal is to turn the little triangle pieces to reveal the key hole. And use the small key that you have obtained at the beginning of this section on the pillar.

Chapter 2 Keyhole PuzzleChapter 2 First Position

Chapter 2 Second PositionChapter 2 Final Solution

Chapter 2 Insert Small Key

After inserting the small key, you can start sailing for your second path. Read the clue to know which path to take.

Chapter 2 Second Sail Clue

Chapter 2 Second Sail StartChapter 2 Second Sail Path

To unlock the path for the third sale, you will have to use the eyepiece at the rainbow looking side. Rotate the steering wheel to match the red star.

Chapter 2 Third Sail Eyepiece

Chapter 2 Hidden Sail StartChapter 2 Hidden Sail Final

With the red star matched, you can do your final sail.

Chapter 2 Third Sail ClueChapter 2 Third Sail

Chapter 2 Third Sail Path

Sail for the last time and grab the goal of this section – the figurehead.

Chapter 2 Figure HeadChapter 2 Obtain Figure Head

After grabbing the figurehead, head over to the model ship, you will have more work to do at the model ship. Below is a list of all the places and secret compartment that are triggered by sequence at the model ship’s second visit.

Chapter 2 Model Ship Second Visit

1. Place the figurehead in the front of the ship.

Chapter 2 Place Figure Head

2. Grab the steering wheel from the secret compartment.

Chapter 2 Wheel CompartmentChapter 2 Obtain Wheel

3. Place the steering wheel at the back of the ship.

Chapter 2 Wheel LocationChapter 2 Placing Wheel

4. Slide the button that appears.

Chapter 2 Sliding Trigger

5. Turn the middle wheel to drop down the sail.

Chapter 2 Main Wheel

6. Observe the sail under Eyepiece mode to note the secret code: ROSE

Chapter 2 Sail and Eyepiece

7. Check the bottom plate to change the password to ROSE. Grab the red jewel that appears from the top.

Chapter 2 Model Ship Letter PuzzleChapter 2 Model Ship Letter Puzzle Solution

Chapter 2 Red Jewel

8. Place the red jewel into the slider and slide.

Chapter 2 Placing Red JewelChapter 2 Sliding Jewel


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  1. Great game, really tricky at times trying to work out the next move. The hint was really useful without it don’t think I could have worked out what to do next. Infectious couldn’t put it down.

  2. Can’t get past the button on the right to move on the map. The eyepiece is in the way, and I keep engaging the eyepiece.

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