Chapter 6 Box on the Round Table | The Room 2

This strategy guide concludes the Chapter 6 of The Room 2. You will continue the game after obtaining the beetle after observing the drum of image through your eyepiece. Please feel free to leave comments if you are stuck anywhere in the game.

Part 1: Drawer Puzzle
Part 2: Drum of Images
Part 3: Box on the Round Table

Head over to the Cabinet. Put on your eyepiece. You will see a red arrow on the drawer. Look under drawer 2 to take a Giant Water Bug.

Chapter6 Locate drawer bugChapter6 Down Arrow Drawer

Chapter6 Switch Drawer2Chapter6 Open Drawer2

Chapter6 Under Drawer2Chapter6 Get a giant water bug

Look into the frame of specimen from inside the cabinet doors. Insert the missing bugs and beetles. Get a Small Metal Handle.

Chapter6 Locate Specimen FrameChapter6 Specimen Frame

Chapter6 Insert Bug and BeetlesChapter6 Get A Small Metal Handle

Go to the round stone plate with Black Metallic Liquid in the center. Insert Small Metal Handle on the outer ring. Align the inner ring metal handle with first symbol that you see on the drum of images. Align the outer ring metal handle with the second symbol. Get a strangely shaped key from the center of the plate.

Chapter6 Small Metal HandleChapter6 Insert Small Metal Handle

Chapter6 Align SymbolsChapter6 Get a Strangely Shaped Key

Go to box on top of the round table. Change the lock keyhole shape to match the Strangely Shaped Key. Insert and turn the key. Get a Large Stag Beetle after opening the lock.

Chapter6 Locate LockChapter6 Strangely Lock

Chapter6 Strangely Shaped Key ShapeChapter6 Lock Puzzle

Chapter6 Insert Strangely Shaped KeyChapter6 Get a Large Stag Beetle

Go to the frame of specimen with all the beetles again. Insert the Large Stag Beetle into the center slot. Another reflector will be revealed behind the frame.

Chapter6 Insert Large Stag BeetleChapter6 Beetle Reflector

Head to the reflector on top of a chest drawer. Look into the lens and rotate the reflector so the light laser beam is aiming at the reflector under the red beetle.

Chapter6 Chess Drawer Reflector Light BeamChapter6 Aim at Beetle Reflector

Go back to the cabinet for the reflector lens. Rotate the reflector so the light beam is aiming at the box on the round table. Get a lens (It looks like it would fit my eyepiece).

Chapter6 Light Beam Beetle ReflectorChapter6 Aim Beetle Light Beam

Chapter6 Aim at boxChapter6 Get a lens

The lens is automatically installed on your eyepiece, your eyepiece is then upgraded allowing you to see more hidden symbols and clues.

Chapter6 New lens

Put on the eyepiece and find a puzzle on the back of the box. Look around the room to find these hidden clues:

Clue #1 is found to the right of the image viewfinder. Note 1 dot and the triforce triangle symbol.

Chapter6 Box Puzzle Clue1

Clue #2 is found on the book on the cabinet. Note 2 dots and a single triangle symbol.

Chapter6 Box Puzzle Clue2

Clue #3 is found right next to the puzzle box on the round table. Note 3 dots and an eye shaped symbol.

Chapter6 Box Puzzle Clue3

Align each tab with correct symbol and dots with the puzzle. A mechanism will trigger revealing some controller switches. Turn on all three switches.

Chapter6 Box Puzzle

Chapter6 Box switchesIMG_4235

The light beam will aim into the darkness and open a portal. The room will be transformed.

Chapter6 Light Beam into Darkness

Chapter6 Portal OpenChapter6 Through the Portal

Touch the jewelry box at the center of the stone table. A panel will appear. Put on your eyepiece. Adjust the handles until a symbol reveal. The portal will open once again.

Chapter6 Stone Table with Black Metallic LiquidChapter6 Jewlry Box

Chapter6 Black Metallic LiquidChapter6 Last Puzzle

Chapter6 Last Puzzle with EyepieceChapter6 Red Handle

Chapter6 Green Handle

A short animation will show the monstrous black vines coming after you. The vines spread to all the rooms that you visit before. You will flee the lab and escape the confounded house where it all began.

Chapter6 Portal Open AgainChapter6 Black Vein

Chapter6 Black Vein Mystery RoomChapter6 Black Vein Chase1

Chapter6 Black Vein Chase2Chapter6 Black Vein Chase3

Chapter6 Black Vein Chase4Chapter6 Black Vein Chase5

Chapter6 Lab Destroy

Congratulations, you have completed The Room Two.

Chapter6 CompleteChapter6 Thank you for playing


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  1. Loved both of these versions. Highly addicting and make you think! Sad it’s over now. 🙁 will have to find new games and hope they make a Room 3.

  2. Enjoyed the game, but boy, does it make you think. Better dust off all those cobwebs in your brain if you plan to finish this one. On to Room 3. Will there be a Room 4?

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