Chapter 5 The Crossing | The Room 2

Welcome to the best walkthrough strategy guide for The Room 2. This guide features Chapter 5 walkthrough. Chapter 5 is a short one that can be completed without a hitch.

You start the chapter inside a boat. Look around to find a building in a short distance. Scan to the right side of the boat to find some wreckage floating on the water. Grab the Crack Handle from the wreckage.

Chapter5 CrossingChapter5 Side of Boat

Chapter5 WreckageChapter5 A Crank Handle

Go back to the boat crank. Insert the crank handle. Start turning the handle until you reach the shore.

Chapter5 Boat SteeringChapter5 Boat Rope Retraction

Chapter5 Install Crank HandleChapter5 Turn Handle1Chapter5 Turn Handle2

Once you reach the shore, an animation will automatically begin.

Chapter5 LandedChapter5 LAB door

You have now completed the chapter and ready to tackle the next chapter of The Room 2.

Chapter5 Complete


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