Epilogue Section 3 | The Room

Section 3

11. Letter: You will need to find the handle for the two cross-marks holes. Locate a letter with initials AS on the table top. Notice at the corner is a piano keyboard with cross marked at three keys.
The Room Epilogue Letter1The Room Epilogue Letter2

The Room Epilogue Letter3

12. Piano: Locate an octagon-shaped knob without handle on the side of the table. Insert metal plate that you obtain earlier. Turn the knob. Out comes a piano keyboard. Press the three keys that you seem in the letter at the same time. Insert gold coin in the hole. A button will reveal. When you press the button, the piano will play a sequence: 11, 9, 7, 9, 11. You have repeat after it. Once you do, a second sequence will start automatically: 9, 16, 5, 16, 9. Repeat after it. A third sequence will play: 11, 9, 11, 9, 11. Repeat after it. If you mess up, just press the button again and start from beginning. A mechanism will trigger, and a secret compartment will reveal. Grab two metal handles.
The Room Epilogue Piano1The Room Epilogue Piano2

The Room Epilogue Piano3The Room Epilogue Piano4

The Room Epilogue Piano5The Room Epilogue Piano6

The Room Epilogue Piano7The Room Epilogue Piano8

The Room Epilogue Piano9

13. Board: Go back to the board. Install the Metal Handles. Follow the sequence as show below. Retrieve the Red Gem in a Metal Plate. You will trigger the mechanism once again. Emerge from the black box are a lens and a board with three gems.
1. top clockwise once. Insert block
2. top clockwise once. Insert block.
3. bottom clockwise three times. Top clockwise once. Insert block.
4. bottom clockwise once. Top clockwise three times. Insert block.
The Room Epilogue Board1
The Room Epilogue Board2

The Room Epilogue Board3
The Room Epilogue Board4

The Room Epilogue Board5The Room Epilogue Board6

The Room Epilogue Board7The Room Epilogue Board8

The Room Epilogue Board9The Room Epilogue Board10

The Room Epilogue Board11The Room Epilogue Board12

The Room Epilogue Board13The Room Epilogue Board14

The Room Epilogue Board15

14. Gems: The board with three gems is another puzzle. Follow the sequence below to retrieve all three gems. Go over to the round platform on the table top between the lens and the board. Place the Red Gem in a Metal Plate on the top left. Yellow gem at the bottom left. Green at the top right. Blue at the bottom right. Once all the gems are placed. Put on your eyepiece. Look at them through the lens. Mechanism will activate. Black box top cover will unlock. Open the box.
The Room Epilogue Gem1The Room Epilogue Gem2

The Room Epilogue Gem3The Room Epilogue Gem4

The Room Epilogue Gem5The Room Epilogue Gem6

The Room Epilogue Gem7The Room Epilogue Gem8

The Room Epilogue Gem9The Room Epilogue Gem10

The Room Epilogue Gem11The Room Epilogue Gem12

The Room Epilogue Gem13The Room Epilogue Gem14

The Room Epilogue Gem15The Room Epilogue Gem16

The Room Epilogue Gem17The Room Epilogue Gem18

The Room Epilogue Gem19The Room Epilogue Gem20

The Room Epilogue Gem21The Room Epilogue Gem22

The Room Epilogue Gem23The Room Epilogue Gem24

The Room Epilogue Gem25The Room Epilogue Gem26

The Room Epilogue Gem27The Room Epilogue Gem28

The Room Epilogue Gem29


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  1. in Epilogue section 3, my piano does not have as many keys as the guide. When I try to follow the sequence of key plays, the first one does fine, the second won’t let me finish before it goes on and shows about 5 keys pressed at once. I can’t get them to all press at once. Is there anyway to skip this one, so I can proceed??

    • My keyboard has less keys as well… No relying on the walkthrough for this task. It took me a few tries to get it. When the keys press down all at once when you try to complete the sequence it means you’ve got it wrong. Just press the button and start over. 🙂

  2. Fix section 13. It’s giving wrong instructions for the blocks. Also itd be nice if it you don’t have to quit the dam game to reset the puzzle.

  3. I need help.Stuck. After I retrieved the two metal frames with a + knob on them, the piano disappears back inside the table. i cannot reopen it. Nothing else has happened and no place to put the metal frames. Only one thing moves is the key to the music notes. But nothing happens.help!

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