Chapter 2 – Section 3 | The Room

Section 3: Middle Seal (Last Seal)
A mechanism will trigger and expel some kind of a clock.

15. Drawer: Go to the left side of the clock. There is a control panel. Turn the switch to change the gear location. Then turn the handle. A locked drawer will reveal. The drawer is locked by four metal circles at each corner. The control for each circle is located throughout the case. See image below for their locations. Once you adjusted each control, open the drawer. Grab the Large Cog and Elastic Band.
The Room Chapter2 Drawer1The Room Chapter2 Drawer2

The Room Chapter2 Drawer3The Room Chapter2 Drawer4

The Room Chapter2 Drawer5The Room Chapter2 Drawer6

The Room Chapter2 Drawer7The Room Chapter2 Drawer8

The Room Chapter2 Drawer9The Room Chapter2 Drawer10

The Room Chapter2 Drawer11

16. Screwdriver: Go back to the clock. Insert the Large Cog as shown below. Turn the handle. A mechanism will trigger and reveal a compartment. Get the Small Screwdriver. Go to the right side of the clock. Use the screwdriver to loosen a metal plate. The top button controls gears at the top right and bottom left. The button controls the other two gears. Press down each button as shown below. You have to press them down simultaneously. Grab the Peculiar Folding Key.
The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver1The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver2

The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver3The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver4

The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver5The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver6

The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver7The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver8

The Room Chapter2 Screwdriver9

17.Control Panel: Find the keyhole. Location as shown. Try insert the Peculiar Folding Key. Then look at the key closely. A pattern will appear showing you how to rearrange the key. Rotate your view can make the task easier. Once key are rearranged. Insert the key again and turn. Collect the Medium Sized Cog and Small Cog. Go back to the control panel and insert the cogs as shown in the image below. Turn the switch to change the gear location. Then turn the handle. A mechanism will activate, and a secret compartment will open. Grab the Gear inside.
The Room Chapter2 Control Panel1The Room Chapter2 Control Panel2

The Room Chapter2 Control Panel3The Room Chapter2 Control Panel4

The Room Chapter2 Control Panel5The Room Chapter2 Control Panel8

The Room Chapter2 Control Panel9The Room Chapter2 Control Panel10

The Room Chapter2 Control Panel11

The Room Chapter2 Control Panel12The Room Chapter2 Control Panel6

The Room Chapter2 Control Panel7

18. Tube: Return to the control panel. Rearrange the gears as shown below. Insert the Elastic Band. Then turn the handle. A mechanism will start. Go to the front of the clock. Press the button on the top left corner until you see a Long, Narrow Steel Tube. Grab and open the tube. You will get Some Kind of Small Key and An Old Photograph.
The Room Chapter2 Tube1The Room Chapter2 Tube2

The Room Chapter2 Tube3The Room Chapter2 Tube4

The Room Chapter2 Tube5The Room Chapter2 Tube6

The Room Chapter2 Tube7The Room Chapter2 Tube8

The Room Chapter2 Tube9

19. Gemstone: Go to the right side of the clock. Insert Some Kind of Small Key and turn. There is circle and an image with a symbol. Put on the eyepiece. Rotate the cylinder, block, and your view until the symbol on the image emerge. A mechanism will trigger. Reveal a shield. Grab the shield. Go to the top of the case. Go to the statue of the knight who is empty handed. Place the shield on him. The statue will turn. Grab the Oval Gemstone. Place the Oval Gemstone on the clock. Put on your eyepiece. Clock hands will reveal. Take a look behind the photograph. The time is 6:05. Turn the clock to 6:05. A mechanism will trigger. You have open the middle seal and open the case!
The Room Chapter2 Gemstone1The Room Chapter2 Gemstone2

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone3The Room Chapter2 Gemstone4

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone5The Room Chapter2 Gemstone6

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone7The Room Chapter2 Gemstone8

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone9The Room Chapter2 Gemstone10

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone11The Room Chapter2 Gemstone12

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone13The Room Chapter2 Gemstone14

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone15The Room Chapter2 Gemstone16

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone17The Room Chapter2 Gemstone18

The Room Chapter2 Gemstone19The Room Chapter2 Gemstone20


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  1. Why no small cog? The box above has two hole on the top. Mine only has one hole in the center. Is the game rigged or defective?

  2. I figured it out people, the game is different. There is only one cog in the drawer. Put it in the middle, slide the switch to the right and crank backwards. Go get the one on the clockface.

  3. Chapter 2 #14 Pic 4 has two items in it & in my game I only received i item so that probably why I haven’t been able to advance further….

  4. New to this wonderful game. I just wish I would have known about it sooner. Very tricky but very fun. Thanks for the help. Developers, keep up the fantastic work!

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