Epilogue Section 1 | The Room

We have prepared the best The Room Guide to help you beat the game, this series of guides feature the Epilogue. We have divided the guide into 4 easily read sections so that you can find where you are stuck in the Room Epilogue faster and easier.

Section 1

1. Handprint: Put on the eyepiece. Locate the handprint on the table surface. Turn the circle until handprint is aligned. Turn the switch. Grab the Small Gear.
The Room Epilogue Handprint1The Room Epilogue Handprint2

The Room Epilogue Handprint3The Room Epilogue Handprint4

The Room Epilogue Handprint5The Room Epilogue Handprint6

The Room Epilogue Handprint7

2. Switch: Turn the switch on the side of the table. This will open a panel. Place the Small Gear on the bottom triangle. Press the rectangle button next to it. The mechanism will activate. A rectangle piece will slide towards a puzzle.
The Room Epilogue Switch1The Room Epilogue Switch2

The Room Epilogue Switch3The Room Epilogue Switch4

3. Clips: Your goal is to release the two clips on the top left corner holding a cover. Each clip can be released when you turn the identical clip on the map. See the images below for the solution. Once the clips are released, the cover will open reveal a switch.
The Room Epilogue Clips1The Room Epilogue Clips2

The Room Epilogue Clips3

4. Cylinder: Turn the switch will activate a mechanism. A cylinder shape compartment will appear on tabletop. Grab the Metal Orb. Look at the Metal Orb closely. To open the Metal Orb, rotate the top part until you see a circle with a symbol as shown below. Press on the circle. Retrieve the Small Gear from inside.
The Room Epilogue Cylinder1The Room Epilogue Cylinder2

The Room Epilogue Cylinder3The Room Epilogue Cylinder4

The Room Epilogue Cylinder5The Room Epilogue Cylinder6

The Room Epilogue Cylinder7

5. Coin: You must obtain the coin before you put in the second gear. Press on the switch locating at the side of the table. Three tabs will appear. The solution is at the other side of the table. Move each tab with dots over corresponding symbols. A drawer will open. Grab the coin.
The Room Epilogue Coin1The Room Epilogue Coin2

The Room Epilogue Coin3The Room Epilogue Coin4

The Room Epilogue Coin5The Room Epilogue Coin6

The Room Epilogue Coin7

6. Second Gear: Go back to the panel where you place the first Small Gear. Place the second Small Gear on the square above the first Small Gear. Press the rectangle button next to it. A drawer will open. Get the Strangely Shaped Key.
The Room Epilogue Second Gear1The Room Epilogue Second Gear2

The Room Epilogue Second Gear3The Room Epilogue Second Gear4

The Room Epilogue Second Gear5The Room Epilogue Second Gear6


Epilogue Section 1 | The Room — 7 Comments

  1. Is there any more instructions for the rest of the epilogue. Trying to figure out the key up position; for the 2 buttons, in which 2 items I have resemble car tag plates. Cannot seem to figure this one out?

  2. I’m amazed…fantastic game!!
    This is SO different than your regular “Escape” or
    “Point + Click” games.
    I wasn’t sure if I would like “The Room”…but now, I’m about to d/l “The Room 2”!!

    Way to go game dev’s….this here is a Winner!

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